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    Updated post:

    Cascalone Information for you:

    From Firmenich:

    CASCALONE® 920000

    • A fresh, aquatic ingredient, with watery, fruity undertones. A sweet, watery version of Calone® with a transparent floral signature.
    • This isopropyl version of the classic Calone molecule is less marine and more“fresh water” version of the original
    • Use Cascalone alone to provide a new fresh water effect or in combination with Calone®, Given its power, it is best evaluated between 1-5% .

    Justin Frederico at Creative Accord ran a gcms test on my sample, and "The cascalone is 99.6% pure with a tiny amount of calone 0.4 in it."

    I wrote this note in April, to post later, after Cascalone was released:

    This has been a captive molecule for quite some time.I find it to be similar to Calone in many aspects, but the odor profile is more of fresh air, than of melon.Your dosage in a perfume is likely very similar in use to Calone.And longevity is likely very similar, although I've not been testing or using it very long.But I do really like it, and it quickly went into some scents under development, after receipt of my sample.I expect it to be a great tool for perfumers after release.
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    Hopefully without offending you I ask why? While Louis Vuitton seems to suggest the nature of this chemical is in fact not out played it seems that the 90's did away with it (at least in the sense of the form of the aquatic molecule) already.

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    To me, Cascalone has a pronounced new floral aspect, which I'd describe with cyclamen, to be more precise, a mixture of cyclamen aldehyde and floralozone. Compared to Calone, the melon aspect is a bit toned down and the general impression is (to me) more pleasant. Very watery and airy. I won't be surprised at all if Cascalone would be used as a single-note-perfume like the molecule series.

    Probably interesting for European basenoters: Cascalone is available from liaison-carbone.

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