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    Default Jaipur Homme - EDT or EDP

    Hi there,

    I'm starting yet another Jaipur homme edt vs edp thread. Yes, I have read all previous threads but I was wondering which I would prefer based on what I'm looking for.

    I know the EDP is better received as it is richer and smoother but what I'm looking for is which scent has the more pronounced cinnamon, is spicier overall and the more masculine of the two. I like old school scents and I'm not opposed to powder, but if they are both powdery I'd probably prefer the less powdery of the two as well. I don't particularly care about performance, so scent only. As it stands I'm leaning more towards the EDT and imagine I'd like both, but I want to buy the one I would like more


    Also I already own Opium pour homme, how close does Jaipur smell to Opium?
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    Default Re: Jaipur Homme - EDT or EDP

    With current formulation the EDT performance was underwhelming imo, EDP makes up for the performance but I’m sure smells a little different.
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    Default Re: Jaipur Homme - EDT or EDP

    I'd go with the EDP.
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    Default Re: Jaipur Homme - EDT or EDP

    Quote Originally Posted by hednic View Post
    I'd go with the EDP.
    If hednic says EdP, I'd go with EdP.

    Not sure I've tried OPIUM, but JAIPUR is pretty distinctive and powdery.
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    Default Re: Jaipur Homme - EDT or EDP


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    Default Re: Jaipur Homme - EDT or EDP

    The only version I could wear for long periods was the 'Fraicheur'. Hard to find now, I suspect.

    Jaipur is nothing like Opium PH.

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    Default Re: Jaipur Homme - EDT or EDP

    i bought the edp a few weeks ago.
    id go for the edt now in warmer months.
    i like the edp but it’s a powder bomb and has an oldschool vibe that is not for everyone. the edt is an easier wear.

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    Default Re: Jaipur Homme - EDT or EDP

    I think you nailed it youself. If less powder=better and longevity is not a main concern I would go for the EDT all day.

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    Default Re: Jaipur Homme - EDT or EDP

    Yeah, Jaipur is nothing like Opium they can work in the same collection.

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    Default Re: Jaipur Homme - EDT or EDP

    I find the EDT more versatile. I’ve worn it in warmer and cooler weather without any problems. The EDP is thicker, denser..., It’s more opulent and really best suited for cooler temps.
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    Default Re: Jaipur Homme - EDT or EDP

    Quote Originally Posted by hednic View Post
    I'd go with the EDP.
    Same here
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    Default Re: Jaipur Homme - EDT or EDP

    Speaking strictly about current formulation, so far personally got better performance but also a more impressive array of notes and thus likelier willing to recommend: Jaipur Homme EDP-also, at least where I live, price differences between the two concentrations are minimal therefore making the decision even easier

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    Default Re: Jaipur Homme - EDT or EDP

    I have the EdT. The EdP I know only from a sample, but it was a bit empty, hollow after the dense EdT. I'd never choose EdP over the EdT. Neither winter, nor summer, for all that

    I had Opium, but never again. It's simply suffocating. It has nothing to do with any Jaipur.

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