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    Quick question. Do any of you have a dog at home? We're getting a puppy next week and have an open floor plan.

    All my materials are out in the open on a table. Should I be worried about blowing out the dogs nose?

    They're all capped, but I can still smell stuff when I walk by, and can only imagine how much a dog might smell them.

    Any ideas for storage/ pipette disposal with a dog in the house?



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    No dog, but I find the Tupperware-type (but doesn't have to be that brand) sealable lid containers available in the supermarket to be very useful for odor control.

    Not for super high impact materials, but in general.
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    your instincts are telling you to make changes to protect the dog from olfactory overload and the headaches etc that come with it

    listen to and trust your instincts and you’ll be amazed what can happen in your life

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    If the dog is around the work space and starts "sneezing", then the dog's nose is overloaded, and is trying to cope.
    This happens when I go outside on the patio and open my ammo boxes of Thiols, Pyrazines, Sulfurs, and Mercaptans.
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    I would call a vet. It isn’t linear, and dogs can’t get talk to tell you what is going on. Puppies will ransack anything. So I I would have it out of reach. A great deal of things are very toxic to animals. Birds can die from perfume etc, cats are unable to process eos, and it can kill them. My dog is ancient and my stuff isn't near him. My two cents is call a vet, you will have to have one just in case and for shots etc .

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