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    My Penhaligons Bayolea doesn't excite me too much but it does have a prominent lemongrass note that I believe is inexplicably underused.

    Any decent lemongrass recs?

    It seems a note that can easily replace or combine with the classic citrus' to give an uplifting scent. It could be the next big thing in men's fragrance, replacing or complementing the current Grapefruit and former vetiver trend. Equally it could go in a Gourmand direction and works really well with pepper.

    I'd love something with lemongrass and a Gin and Tonic (citrus, juniper, green, bright) feel.

    Over to you!

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    l don't know if it's still in production, but Lush/Gorilla Perfumes had one called 25:43, launched in 2016, that had a prominent lemongrass note.
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    Louis Vuitton Cactus Garden

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    Default Re: Lemongrass

    Fiero by Xerjoff perhaps
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    Maybe also Juniper Sling by the very same house like Bayolea (howver not certain about how the lime notes are in this one)
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    Default Re: Lemongrass

    Parfums Prissana Tom Yum

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    It's a note that's always used in conjunction with other citrus notes, I've noticed. I think it works as an amplifier, A good way to explore lemongrass is in artisanal soap, where it is often featured as a stand alone.

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    Not lemongrass per se, but the original Calvin has both lemon and lemon verbena. Very bright... Balanced nicely with chamomile, Mandarin, and neroli. This MIGHT be very appealing to you.
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    Thanks for the thoughtful suggestions. Looking at the link provided - as suspected, not too many male marketed scents using lemongrass as a dominant note.

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    Default Lemongrass

    House of Matriarch She is one of the most lemongrass-dominant scents that I own. Despite the name, it is a unisex fragrance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by teardrop View Post
    l don't know if it's still in production, but Lush/Gorilla Perfumes had one called 25:43, launched in 2016, that had a prominent lemongrass note.
    Karma from the same brand also has a lemongrass note.
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    IMO the female D&G Light Blue has the smell of lemongrass despite not having any as note.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ScentMemory View Post
    Parfums Prissana Tom Yum
    Oh YES to this!
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