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Thread: Which classic

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    Thanks StylinLa. Much appreciate the reply.

    By classics I mean... classic in a kinda conservative way. They are not nasomatto loud or “out there”. Also given that Luca Turin rates both very highly...

    They question was in many ways driven by my searching for the “one”.

    For 12 years or more I wore nothing but AdP Colonia. It was rare in Dublin. Only one niche shop sold it when I first wore it.

    When it became more popular I started searching for the new consistent scent. And I can’t find it.

    I want the same as many... longevity, somewhat different to the man in the street and appealing to the Mrs. And something appealing to me.

    I haven’t yet found it.

    I am lucky to have all three. And many more good (great) scents.

    I like GIT... it ticks all the boxes but it’s too shower gel like for me and maybe to similar to other scents.

    I have a lot of heavy scents but post lockdown the just are not doing it.

    Anyway... many thanks as always for your views

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    Ahhh yes, well I enjoy Turin's reviews as well. His review of ORMANDE MAN did spur my sampling of it and it has become a favorite.

    INVASION BARBARE I saw noted in here a lot early 2010s and tried it a couple of times before buying and then it suddenly just clicked for me.

    GIT I think is great but found it's longevity longing (way before any of the many reformulation stories).

    I don't know what appeals to your "Mrs" but I know for me INVASION BARBARE and ORMANDE MAN are certainly not very commonly worn and last pretty well on me. Your own nose will be the judge of what you like. But last word I will leave you with, for me embracing and really liking a fragrance is not usually instant. Certain scents didn't grow on me until I had worn 3-4 times.
    Between Covid and retirement I don't get out much. But when I do, I smell real good.
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