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    Default Re: Sharpness in mainstream Perfumes

    Quote Originally Posted by -db- View Post
    None of those are in Ulta.
    None of those are in Sephora.
    Not what this is about.
    Consider yourself lucky that you don’t know what this is about.
    You should into Sephora and ask “Where’s the _________?” (Anything from your list).
    Film it on your phone, please; we definitely want to see the look on their/his/her face when you ask.
    Lmao I hear ya, missed “mainstream” I guess, but I don’t think niche houses are that far off honestly.
    Funny enough I was dragged by my girl into an ulta this past week(they have nice thick scent strips so I snagged a few, keep it on the hush) and I smelled a few frags, coco mademoiselle (because of the post a few days ago), some armani, a few d&g, and some others, still didn’t get that feel. Maybe i’m missing something

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    Default Re: Sharpness in mainstream Perfumes

    I view your point NoobSinth, but I also think there is some sharpness in nowadays perfumery.

    You commented about some reasons as price and projection (get noticed), I would add amber notes as "the last bastion of luxury and sophistication for the uneducated mass".

    Anyway for a noobie, there is a clear difference between Western and East taste, and probably the last one is, in general, less "sharp". I think that maybe the new "Oud Wave" in western perfumery is a way to balance the latest tendencies.

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