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    Default Can i Add essential oils to Humidifer?

    I just got a Baseus portable car/home humidifer, but i am not sure, nor does it say anywhere in the product description wether i can put essential oils inside, so what do you guys think?

    Instruction manual inside though says this at some point

    "Do not add water or essential oil with impurites to avoid block the atomizing chip."

    Does this go to both of them, or does it mean water with impurities and no essential oil whatsoever? I mean what kind of impurities can essential oils deliver

    Thats the product

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    Default Re: Can i Add essential oils to Humidifer?

    oh really??? let me check this out!

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    Default Re: Can i Add essential oils to Humidifer?

    Why don't you buy a diffuser that's made for essential oils?
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    Default Re: Can i Add essential oils to Humidifer?

    If it's a cool mist humidifier, adding essential oils to your cool mist humidifier could cause the tank to crack and the humidifier to malfunction.
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    Default Re: Can i Add essential oils to Humidifer?

    The Wonderdream nano-atomization fragrance diffuser is supposed to let you spray fragrance in it (it says "any fragrance" and a few reviews have noted spraying their favorite colognes into it - just a few works well enough.) I'm curious to find out more...
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