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    Question Help ! Reed diffusers

    Hello everyone, i am a newbie in this forum and would like some very much needed help.
    So, I'm trying to make my own reed diffusers brand in my home country ( Algeria ) and i have some vital questions i hope I'm in the correct section of the forum so :
    1 : i'm planning to use the following ingredients.
    - dipropylene glycol
    - alcohol
    - synthetic fragrances
    I've been looking for informations around the web and it's the best i could find i think it was on this very forum.

    Questions i have :
    1 : if i use DPG alcohol and fragrance... What will be the optimal ratio in percentage of each of those components ?
    2 : I've read that using other base oils is more suitable but i kind of struggle to find any of them where i live and i did found a DPG supplier So I'm 90% going for the dpg.
    3 : i found out that essential oils are too expensive to make a margin out of selling them.

    I should mention that i really need a good formula to make it cost effective since i plan on making it a brand, there aren't many reed diffusers brands where i live, actually there's only one which is imported from turkey, i found out that they buy them for 1.50$ wholesale so i need to stay in that price range on production i guess.

    I would really appreciate some help from you guys.
    Thank you

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    Default Re: Help ! Reed diffusers

    Hello! DPG is not recommended, it will clog the reeds and the scent will not diffuse. The common ratio is 20-25% fragrance / 75-80% Augeo Clean Multi or Alcohol
    Filipe L.
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    Default Re: Help ! Reed diffusers

    Hello filipeleira ,

    Thank you for your advice.

    i plan also to create my personnal brand for reef diffuser. I plan to use Augeo as base Oil.

    Let me know , do you have any expérience with using Augeo?

    I want to make a quality product. ad i know Augeo is more expensive. What is the value of his using?

    is it effective?

    Thanks in advance for your reply

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    Default Re: Help ! Reed diffusers

    I know some professionals that uses 20% fragrance, 80% Dowanol TPM / Dowanol DPM for high quality reed diffusers. Also, some materials should be avoided like Hedione and BHT in the fragrance concentrate.
    Filipe L.
    Accords, bases and perfume formulas:

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