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    Default Fake Creed Cap (2019 batch)?

    Hi all,

    I just got a bottle of Creed Original Vetiver from Ebay that came with a Creed logo on the bottle cap that is quite different from the cap of 5 other Creed bottles I have (all 2018 & 2019 batches of various Creed). I attached copies of that odd cap and the cap on my Aventus Cologne bottle (which is similar to the caps on the rest of Creed bottle I have). As you can see, the three flower-like at the bottom of the logo and the two flower-like at each side of the crow pointing up are different from the arrow-like equivalents on the cap of my Aventus Cologne cap, and all other Creed bottle I have. Can anyone please let me know if you've seen/aware of such difference of the logo on the new cap for 2018-2019 bottles?

    Also, the space gap between features of the logo are different between the two, with the one on the OV being much tighter.

    Thank you so much
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    Default Re: Fake Creed Cap (2019 batch)?

    No idea, but I like your user name! hehe
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    Default Re: Fake Creed Cap (2019 batch)?

    aventus cologne one looks right.
    I smell.

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    Default Re: Fake Creed Cap (2019 batch)?

    Quote Originally Posted by notspendingamillion View Post
    aventus cologne one looks right.
    To me also.
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