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    Default Re: What Hermes are you still wearing?

    I own many. Here they are in order of wearings (as of late).

    Caleche (EdP and Pure Parfum). I have waxed poetic about Caleche in a separate thread. It may be my favorite perfume. I now have 5 or 6 bottles from various vintages/eras.
    Cedre Sambac: My favorite Nagel. I have been wearing it a lot recently and have found the dry down to remind me of leather in some ways. On some days this is indolic and on other days its more naphthalene.
    Equipage: My favorite masculine. The rosewood and bergamot in this are beautiful. I agree with Cheapimitation that it takes on a bit of a leather nuance.
    Santal Massoia: My fave JCE.
    Cuir d'Ange: My other fave JCE
    Eau d'Hermes: A Rudnitska masterpiece. Even the modern iteration is great.
    Bel Ami: quite a dark, spicy fragrance. I too pick up little (if any) leather in this fragrance.
    Muguet Porcelain: a more challenging one for me.
    Osmanthe Yunnan: meh
    Terre d'Hermes: Sold it

    My next Hermes will likely be Galop d'Hermes. The leather note in that is also quite gorgeous.

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    Default Re: What Hermes are you still wearing?

    The only one I wear is Bel Ami. I think I’ll get current Equipage eventually. The other two we have are Eau d’Hermes and Amazone.

    I have trouble getting into their newer stuff.

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    Default Re: What Hermes are you still wearing?

    Terre d'Hermès and Eau de Rhubarbe Écarlate

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    Default Re: What Hermes are you still wearing?

    Terre. Don't like it as much as I used to but it's one the girlfriend likes, so...

    Haven't tried many others, I think. I used to like and own Kelly Caleche for a while but must have discovered that there's something wrong with it.

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