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    Default A good norlimbanol/ambroxan/musky base?

    My apologies in advance if it's clear I have no idea what I am talking about here...

    I'm looking for a half decent formula as a starting point for something that makes heavy use of norlimbanol and/or ambroxan? I can smell it in most of the colognes that I personally like, but my attempts all end up smelling like doodie.

    Anyone have a quick and dirty experiment I could try?

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    Default Re: A good norlimbanol/ambroxan/musky base?

    Not sure why you would use both Norlimbanol and Ambroxan together, one is superior to the other, that being Ambroxan.

    Amroxan/Helvetolide is a good combination at nearly 1:1 slightly more Helvetolide 12:10, creates a heavenly scent bubble

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    Default Re: A good norlimbanol/ambroxan/musky base?

    To me Norlimbanol smells like a dry woody amber while Ambroxan is - well - Ambroxan, I think the odor is quite different, am I mistaken?

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    Default Re: A good norlimbanol/ambroxan/musky base?

    The trick with norlimbanol is to keep it low, too much and things get wierd

    Bk pointed out that it starts to get powdery and I agree, you also endup with a whole lot of amber hours/days after

    So I would keep at the recommended dosage and consider using other ambers alongside it like

    boisambrene forte/amberwood f
    Amber xtreme
    Z11 mip

    Acardi buix camps (probably butchered the name) he recommended a combination of a few of these ambers I think I read it in a pell wall description for Kohinol

    "In the past I used to say that nothing was comparable to vetyveryl acetate or vetyverol, but, upon seeing mixtures of Iso E Super, Kohinool, cedroxyde, nor limbanol, boisanol, trimofix and amber ketal, my mind changed. They are as great as the previously mentioned old and classical products."

    One accord in Y by YSL is amber xtreme-operanide-cashmeran but operanide is a captive so use ambrocenide instead so some have said

    I personally think Ambroxan is very different to these high impact ambers the isopropyl alcohol smell is alot more subtle very soft and has alot of character but hopefully one of these leads will get you thinking

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