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    Default Questionable Tester?

    Hello, I ordered a tester for Creed Aventus and received it today and a few things don't check out. The bottle itself seems to be fairly high quality. The fragrance smells great, but another thing that I hadn't seen before is that the batch code is not engraved anywhere on the bottle. From what I can find, I don't see anywhere where its engraved, and the label on the back is poorly attached, its not aligned correctly and its even bubbling on the back. I fear it may be fake. I bought a decant of the same batch and they smell literally the exact same. I cant pick out any differences whatsoever in the smell, and it smells pretty incredible. I am pretty new to niche fragrances, but from what I can tell, they are indeed the same. Thoughts? 0921201802_HDR.jpg0921201802a.jpg0921201802b.jpg

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    Default Re: Questionable Tester?

    Did you buy it from a reputable vendor/
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    Sorry to dodge your question, the truth is, I'm not entirely certain if it is a reputable source which is why I'm questioning it. Really what I'm trying to figure out is whether or not batch codes from Creed Aventus testers are ever printed on the bottle in black ink without engraving or not? Since it is a tester, it also didnt come with a cap. 0921201847.jpg

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    Default Re: Questionable Tester?

    Others will chime in but the batch code has recently been printed on the bottles as pictured and Creed is notoriously known for bubbly or crooked labels etc. It doesn’t include a cap so that’s a good thing as testers don’t come with one, everything looks legit from what I see if it smells like it should you should be fine. If the seller is honest and has a good reputation I would not worry about it enjoy your new bottle of Aventus!
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    Default Re: Questionable Tester?

    Thank you very much that makes me feel a lot better about it I'm definitely enjoying it and looking forward to more fragrance purchases in the future. I've only made 4 purchases so far, Tom Ford Tobacco Oud (which i've heard may be getting discontinued), Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male, Amouage Beach Hut Man and Creed Aventus. All of which smell incredible. Feels good to smell good and they are all a confidence booster. Thanks again for the insight everybody.

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    Default Re: Questionable Tester?

    Grey Market maybe.
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