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    Default TOUS 1920 THE ORIGIN ,thoughts

    by Daphne Bugey

    Here, in the base are not reviews, but I have seen something on YouTube and it seems interesting fragrance.
    Notes looks good, and I dont have problem with cumin.Its said that it has a some pungent notes and strong patchouli , I like the Mazzolari patchouli, and not problem with Gucci Guilty Absolute, but not the patchouli with aldehydes and chemical smells.
    Has anyone tried it? worth it ?

    I appreciate Your comments, thoughts, ...

    Thanks ,
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    Default Re: TOUS 1920 THE ORIGIN ,thoughts

    Have not tried that particular fragrance, so I can't comment on that one, but have struck out with all the other fragrances from the house which I have tried unfortunately.
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    Default Re: TOUS 1920 THE ORIGIN ,thoughts

    I have it and I like it (not a love, though). It's a woody aromatic herbal fragrance that is (possibly) inspired by Declaration and TdH, except not as bright or citrusy. IMO it's rather well blended, neither patchouli nor cumin are too strong or pungent. I'd say it's rather safe and not particularly unique or original, I have several other fragrances in a similar vein.

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    Default Re: TOUS 1920 THE ORIGIN ,thoughts

    It's something inbetween of Terre d'Hermes and Cartier Declaration. A perfect option for the price.
    I do not smell any patchouli here.
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