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    Default Re: Bought a new bottle of Eternity after 20 years

    Quote Originally Posted by Foamywax View Post
    I just read a post here where ck scents are described as "shitty christmas presents" that no one wants. I'm not speaking about anyone in particular but it's no secret that these fragrances are not held in high regard like they were back in the day. Thanks
    Ha! My kids have barely worn CK bottles in their drawers from this as well.
    "Ducks eat for free at Subway."

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    Default Re: Bought a new bottle of Eternity after 20 years

    Eternity for Men was my mainstay during my late teens and into the early twenties - not least due to my girlfriend back then really digging it. Today it triggers too many personal memories (good and bad) and it really did become too widely popular - but it really was a good designer fragrance and pretty much the only CK I thoroughly liked.

    To me, it firmly belongs with those "proudly synthetic"-fragrances that were going for a semi-minimalistic avantgarde-designer aesthetic. In so far, I really can't follow the "very natural-smelling" and "a sunny beach and a dog being hugged by a family member*" descriptions. I found it rather youthful and urban but there was also a certain sense of seriousness and melancholy to it that distinguished it from other popular designer fragrances of that era.

    Longevity and projection never were an issue back in those days.

    *apart from it being a good fit for Chris Isaaks' "Wicked Game"-video. Must be all those similar looking b/w-ad campaigns that CK were launching, I guess... But also something of that longingly musical vibe, I think. In the end, again, stands that realization that perception of fragrances is entirely coloured by individual associations.
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    Default Re: Bought a new bottle of Eternity after 20 years

    Current Eternity has really opened up.
    It seems much richer and longer lasting now.
    You will get at least 6 hours longevity and it smells divine.

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    Default Re: Bought a new bottle of Eternity after 20 years

    Speaking as someone who wore the original stuff tbe current version is pretty wonderful, long lasting and to my nose smells the same.

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    Default Re: Bought a new bottle of Eternity after 20 years

    i got a bunch of vintage bottles and have a newer coty and there not the same . the vintage is better version but you could get away with a coty bottle but it is less pleasing .

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    Default Re: Bought a new bottle of Eternity after 20 years

    Eternity for Men was the first fragrance I had conscious awareness of as a consumer product. I remember Brut on my dad's dresser and smelling people at church, but as a potential consumer, Eternity was the first scent whose advertising made me go, "I wonder what that is." I was 12 when it was released, so I'm sure I was seeing ads in Sports Illustrated and maybe TV Guide? Anyway, by the time I bought my first fragrance, Eternity was everywhere, and I never got a bottle. I picked one up today. I'm considering this a blind buy, since I haven't knowingly sniffed this stuff in 30 years. Marshall's had 100mL of the made in Germany formulation with treemoss mentioned upthread. Now, it's cold and miserable here today, but by this weekend, it should be spring-like enough for me to give this a test drive.

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    Default Re: Bought a new bottle of Eternity after 20 years

    I picked up Eternity EDP recently have yet to wear it but hear it’s a more mature Eternity. About 5-6 years ago I wore Eternity For Men quite often and recall enjoying it but as of now I feel it would be too basic and I have plenty of other options I’d easily pick over it.
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    Default Re: Bought a new bottle of Eternity after 20 years

    For some reason that I cannot shake my view of Eternity as uninteresting and dull. I know that the bottle design does not appeal to me in the least. Despite that, I very much like it and enjoy wearing it. For some reason though, I have to "force" myself to select it because I would never prefer it over available options based on use and mood.

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    Default Re: Bought a new bottle of Eternity after 20 years

    Very early on I thought that I liked Eternity but then didn't after wearing it a couple of times. Cool Water did a bit better when it comes to these mega popular teenage scents.

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