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    I am interested to try an oud fragrance that uses 'real oud,' and has Eastern and Western influences. Rania J's Oud Assam is available locally at a reasonable price (which is a important consideration for me). Oud lovers, what are your thoughts on this fragrance? I understand have real Indian oud it has 'barnyard' like qualities. Would you recommend it for someone who is largely inexperienced with Oud (real or synthetic), but who rather enjoys animals fragrances in general?
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    It’s a pretty heavy slap in the face in first spray but give it 10 minutes and it mellows. I wouldn’t say it’s a beginner Oud.

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    Default Re: Oud Assam by Rania J

    It's rather strong in the opening with a "blue cheese" facet, then gets softer and becomes unisex in the drydown thanks to a powdery orange support. Definitely not for beginners.

    If you want something similar that stays on the masculine side, get Dhanal Oudh Nashwah by Rasasi. I own both, and was impressed by the similarities, as well as the great quality delivered by Rasasi, despite it costs a fraction of Rania J's price..
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    I have a sample on the way — alongside a Bornitkoff - Oud Maximus Autumn 19, a full bottle of which is out of my price range — so can give it a test drive and see. As I say I am down with civet, castoreum, and the like... so will so if that translates to a tolerance/enthusiasm for funky oud or not ha.

    I will keep an eye out for the Rasai, some Rasai products are available locally but not that one I believe.

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