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    Default Scent bottle ID help

    Hi everyone,

    I acquired a scent bottle from a charity shop in London many years ago. Iíve often wondered about it, but as the label on the bottom is very faded Iíve been unable to do any research. My actual knowledge is next to nothing!

    I attached a few photos and if anyone can help I will be most grateful.

    Thank you so much,



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    Default Re: Scent bottle ID help

    Hi Caroline,

    I’m afraid I only have the vaguest of hints to offer you. I suspect your bottle is an aftermarket item, not one that originally held scent.

    When I was a child in the 70s, import shops such as Pier 1 (perhaps Habitat was the UK equivalent?) used to sell brightly-colored objects made of what I believe was dyed alabaster. I had a fuchsia ornamental egg with a hot pink display stand which my five-year-old self thought was the coolest thing in the world. They often had a sticker on the bottom marked with a single number. I’m not sure what the number meant.

    The eggs came in every color of the rainbow, including your vibrant red. I seem to remember paperweights as well. Small jars wouldn’t surprise me.

    It’s a beautiful piece. It has a mid-century modern simplicity to it.

    I hope other Basenoters will share some ideas!

    Best wishes,


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    Default Re: Scent bottle ID help

    I agree that a bottle may be an aftermarket item. It will be very difficult to identify.

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