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    Default Isobutylene Quinoline CAS 68198-80-1

    I recently bought some AC and didnít realize that instead of the most used leather ac Isobutylene quinoline ,I was purchased the Symrise IQ with CAS 68198-80-1
    I read that it is different form the classic IQ ,is there any use for the one I purchased?

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    Default Re: Isobutylene Quinoline CAS 68198-80-1

    All of the quinolines are super-similar, unless you can tell the difference in trace amounts it shouldn't matter too much. Someone like me can notice the difference though, so it does matter for me, it depends on the person.

    I am not familiar with the one you have suggested but I assume it is very similar to Pyralone (iso butyl quinoline) if not the exact same. Only way to find out for sure is to get Pyralone and compare.

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    Default Re: Isobutylene Quinoline CAS 68198-80-1

    They are not similar to me. I have isopropyl q, and its mega bitter, just if bittrex could smell, it would be that. Another quinoline is 93 19 6, and its smooth green, not bitter, with rubbery background, simmilar to guaiac. Would work great in green frags, to give body.

    If you can describe what isobutylene smells like that would help, but everything has its use and you are the one to put it to work.
    If you dont know what you need it for wright now, just set it aside and time will come.


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    Default Re: Isobutylene Quinoline CAS 68198-80-1

    I have the material in question but don't have the others you mention to compare. Chris has written rather briefly on this matter in his blog which you can peruse by following the link.


    He claims it is not an equivalent product.

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