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    Default US TTB Alcohol License - A bright spot for COVID 19

    US Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB)

    This morning, I put on my schedule to apply for my alcohol use license with the US Federal Government, so that I can easily buy more than my 5 gallons per year without any issue. My Perfumer Friend Manny had applied last year, but complained that he couldn't buy enough alcohol. This apparently happened, because he put a rather low amount per year for his use...

    Over the past few weeks, I talked with my alcohol supplier about this issue for Manny. They said that the amount when filing your application doesn't really matter, just estimate what you think, then multiply it by 3X and use that number on your application...

    So, I started my application today about 11:00 AM, I think I finished my application process and submitted the application somewhere around 12PM. Then at 2:20PM today, I was emailed that my application had been approved.

    So, my bright spot for COVID 19 is that US Alcohol user licenses are getting approved with lightning speed...

    Do so for yourself, if you actually need to buy alcohol. The application does not cost any money.
    And if you have a license presently that is a lowball amount, refile to amend your license right away.

    I just put down that my use would be up to 500 gallons per year, so that I will never have to worry about buying alcohol again.

    Paul Kiler
    PK Perfumes
    In addition to Our own PK line, we make Custom Bespoke Perfumes, perfumes for Entrepreneurs needing scents for perfumes or products, Custom Wedding Perfumes, and even Special Event Perfumes.

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    Default Re: US TTB Alcohol License - A bright spot for COVID 19

    Fantastic news!

    Getting on it. I had a license in another state about 11 years ago that allowed unlimited with approval ($15/ annually) but that’s not how CA works I guess

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    Default Re: US TTB Alcohol License - A bright spot for COVID 19

    I'm sure they hired more people to run through permits since the usage of ethanol has probably exploded

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    Talking Re: US TTB Alcohol License - A bright spot for COVID 19

    Paul, I owe you a drink (pun intended) because your post just solved my long standing issue of buying alcohol in Georgia...thank you!!! (just completed my app...awaiting approval)

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