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    Default Galen's Cold Cream and Punic Wax

    We will soon be creating Kumkuma, Red Wax, Galen's Cold Cream, and Soap. And I will be seeing how Punic Wax can be used with these. But the Kumkuma Red Wax is basically Punic Wax with the Calcium Hydroxide being a Red Salt in that instance instead of a Base. So there will be various ways to look at how to apply Punic Wax, Oils, Balsams, Gums, Resins, etc.

    This is an Ancient Recipe from Galen who studied at the Library of Alexandria. It is a cream made from Beeswax, and my Wife and I are going to be making it and showing everyone how on the Punic Wax website. We will also start selling on Etsy and show people how to use Etsy.

    "This is the original Galen's Cold Cream [Beeswax] recipe invented by Galen [in 150 A.D. and Translated] in the 9th century. This makes a firm set cream which liquidises almost immediately on contact with the skin. It can be used as a cleansing cream, handcream or as an alternative to oil for certain types of massage. You could substitute orange-flower water or distilled water for the rosewater, and any essential oil suitable for your purposes instead of the Rose.
    40 grams Almond oil
    10 grams Beeswax
    40 grams Rosewater
    10 drops Rose Oil/Otto"

    Kumkuma is the word for the Red Powder used to create Religious Decorations on the forehead and other parts of the body.

    Tilaka is the general term for these Decorations, an example of one that does not use Kumkuma would be Henna, or Vibruti. These are made from various different Natural materials.

    Bindi is Dot between the Eyebrows, usually made with Kumkuma, representing the 3rd Eye.

    Sindoor is the symbol worn by married Women, slightly higher on the forehead.

    Kumkuma itself can be seen as a connection point between Ancient Egypt and Ancient India. Cleopatra was known to import Red Dyes of a different type from India, and the Red Wax we think of as a Royal Sealed Letter, is Beeswax with Red Dye. We also know the Phoenicians had Indian Hemp. An example of this connection would be Hannibal Barca around 200 B.C. basically ordering an Elephant from India to be delivered to the Battlefeild, and it was.

    - - - Updated - - -

    "Not only were Moors well versed in it, they were the originators of [Mystery Schools]" - Madame Blavatsky*

    Boiling Procedure Options, with or without*Resins, Gums, Rosins, Oils, Fats and Balsams:

    Salt and Baking soda in Water + Beeswax

    Ashes + Beeswax

    Ashes + Salt and Baking soda in Water*+ Beeswax

    Vibhuti + Salt and Baking soda in Water**+ Beeswax

    With these last 3 boil in stainless steel only (corrosive bases eat many metals, glass, etc), or apply solution to beeswax as in traditional Saponification. Avoid contact with skin, use rubber gloves have vinegar on hand to counteract acid with base.

    Sodalime + Beeswax

    Potash + Beeswax

    Lye + Beeswax

    Punic Wax = Saponified Beeswax

    Just how the King of Tyre built Solomon's Temple in the Bible, Tyre also created Carthage, and the Punic People existed in Carthage, in the region that is modern day Tunisia, Carthage was generally in the area now called Libya, spanning to Egypt. When the British first came to Libya, the Libyans said that they were Cannanites.*

    2 Samuel 5:11*"Now Hiram king of Tyre sent envoys to David, along with cedar logs and carpenters and stonemasons, and they built a palace for David."

    Carthage was a center of Trade between the Mediterranean and the deeper African Continent, it was the most advanced Civilization before Rome. They had mini-Skyscrapers used like Apartments, Boats that could fare the Ocean and allowed them to rule the Sea, Invented Greek, Arabic, and the other Phoenetic Languages, Invented the Royal Purple, Crimson and Blue Dyes from Conch Shells, the Color is known as Tyrian Purple and the Color is turned Crimson or Blue with Boiling techniques, and they Invented Clear Glass. The Phoenicians are the Greek Phoenix, the Phoenician Culture always rises.

    Which brings us to Punic Wax.

    My Wife is starting her Spell Shop, Divine Mystical Expressions where we will be making Soap so I had been studying Saponification, but now I was doing research on Enzymes and Potentiation at the time, regarding new personal research into Kava being done along the lines of Oilahuasca. And I started the process of Discovering Punic Wax by thinking along the lines of chewing gum, and got there by thinking of Frankincense and Mhyyr. So I start the chewing gum enzymes search with Gum Arabic because it is in most chewing gum, and Benzoin Gum.

    There was also a Benzoin healing oil that was just Benzoin Gum in Alcohol

    This is Australian Gum, probably associated with the Aboriginal Dream Time Culture.

    From Ancient Greece

    Then there is Fossilized Resin, which is Amber

    And I found the History of Amber trade in the Pacific Islands

    And that Amber trade was like the Roman Amber Road

    Which reminded me of the Beaker Cultures

    Then there is Dragon's Blood Resin

    And a Canadian Pine Resin

    And Dammar Gum

    Where I find the phrase "Encaustic Paints".

    I did a little more research, and there it is, Punic Wax. Like a gift from God. Beeswax, Brine (Salt Water and Baking Soda) and Ashes (Potash/Potassium Hydroxide), mixed with Pigment.

    So we are Resurrecting Punic Wax, creating new Versions, and adding it to Soap.

    Punic wax: 150 g Pure Beeswax (Allbӓck, used as purchased - see above) boiled repeatedly in artificial 'seawater' prepared using 42 g sodium chloride (S7653 from Sigma-Aldrich, UK) in 1200 mL water with 30 g of sodium bicarbonate (S5761 from Sigma-Aldrich, UK).

    "In a process developed by KREIDEZEIT the bleached wax is saponified with potash so that it is partly water soluble and easy to apply"*-KREIDEZEIT

    - - - Updated - - -

    We create hand crafted Apotropaic, Onirogenic, Divinatory, Aphrodisial and other Magical Herbal based Oils, Tinctures, Soaps, Perfumes, Lotions, Sacred Foods, etc.

    We use Ancient Herbal mixtures and Spells, sometimes combining them and expanding on them while bringing them into modern Hygiene, Cosmetics, Oils and Sacred Food.

    - - - Updated - - -

    One of the next things we will be doing after creating the basic Punic Wax and Cold Cream, and adding Natural Products, like Oils, Balsams, Resins, etc...

    Will be adding Colloidal Copper and Colloidal Silver to the recipes.

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    Default Re: Galen's Cold Cream and Punic Wax

    What we are doing right now is literally just waiting on the Delivery of various things we will be making our products with.

    We are starting with 8lbs of Turmeric and 5lbs of Calcium Hydroxide, so we will make 1lb of Kumkuma at a time, and will sell it in 2in x 3in baggies. We will also have larger amounts available up to 1lb.

    Then, my Wife is going to be making Soap, we have Rosemary and may start with that, maybe with something added. Then we have a Ancient Herb from Greece that has kind of fallen out of pop culture, but has great Metaphysical/Magical properties, as well as a strong good smell. Then an African Herb used to call the Ancestors. Then Olive Oil. And a few other things, we will be making lots of Soap.

    Then Punic Wax, or Saponified Beeswax. We will make all kinds of like Wax Melts with this, Paint, Candles, etc. As well as add it to Soap. We will also make incense cones.

    I also got tons of Hindu Religious Jewelry, and a few other Herbs.

    Plus, Olive Oil + Rose Water + Beeswax = Galen's Cold Cream, and we are going to make this in 3 forms:


    CBD added

    Benzocain added

    We may also make a Lidocain version.

    Then from there we intend to make many other Products of similar interest. All of this is either with me now, or in mail and I am waiting on Delivery.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Everything is almost here. So we will have pictures soon.

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    Default Re: Galen's Cold Cream and Punic Wax

    We are getting started by making some Soaps.

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    Default Re: Galen's Cold Cream and Punic Wax

    We have everything started, but issues because of COVID and the Snow Storm in Texas slowed us down, but we will be kicking everything into high gear here soon with the Pandemic Relief program.

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    Default Re: Galen's Cold Cream and Punic Wax

    This is random, but I'm not sure how much this has been explored, Galen's Cold Cream and Egyptian Magic are technically edible, and could maybe be classified as Superfood.

    And having this thought made me wonder if Egyptians thought like that, did they think in terms of Recipes, Dishes, and "Food", like we do, or was it more of a fuel. If you lived on Beeswax, Olive Oil and Rosewater or Almond Oil, aren't you basically just adding fuel to an engine, which is what eating is anyway (of course you still need the proteins, etc). But it is something that needs to be explored more. John the Baptist ate Honey and Locusts, which could mean: Honey, Wax and Royal Jelly.

    - - - Updated - - -

    We want other people to do the same things as us, so I want to explain a little about what we are doing, and I then want in the future to see others in Spanish, Korean, Arabic, etc, doing the same thing.

    We are starting a Crypto Soap Market, what you see here is Lard, Vegetable Oil, Canola Oil and Olive Oil. Enough to make about a Pallet of Soap.

    We also have lots of Lye and more coming, plus we are able to select ingredients very well on top of that, given my past experience. I even have a Federal Court case where the Police pulled me over with Thousands of Herbs, Spices, Powders and Seeds. They were confused, I explained my Religion, and there is even a video of them in the Police cruiser saying "Maybe he is right, what do we know", after the Narcotics Sargeant on the Radio just got done telling them to take it all to the Lab. Then about 2 weeks later they pulled me over with 1 lb of Edible Lime and Bettle Nut, and they thought it was Cocaine until they read my file. Then they took a sample and released me. That was 6 years ago.

    But I say all that to say, we will be making Hygeia with Ancient Recipes. Everyone should know that Canola Oil has a lot of benefit for how readily available it is, and that we are starting here and have several other Oils coming and that we will be using. We will even be starting by creating a mixture of Plant Oils, and creating a Skin and Hair Oil, that we will then also use in the Soaps, Creams, etc.

    And we will be trading these for STEEM, BLURT, HIVE, PUTI, PUCO, etc. As well as teaching people how it works so that we can then see others doing the same thing. I want others to see that Crypto is not just about buying and Holding, then selling at a Higher price, it is also a means of transaction, you can earn it and Buy things like Rewards Points, they can be used like Coupons, or Concert Tickets, etc. But we want to see them earned and traded for Soap.

    We want Soap to be part of DeFi.

    - - - Updated - - -

    This is going to get very expansive very quickly, we have spent a lot of time putting together recipes, and sourcing ingredients, etc. Once we get started we won't just be making the same product over and over, we are going to be making new things like every month, week, even every day.

    - - - Updated - - -

    My Wife and I are now able to produce over 50 Bars of Soap 1x or 2x per day. We have materials for around 1,500+ Bars, Creams and Oils, as we will also be creating Hair Oil, Body Oil and Magic Herbal Oil Blends. Some of these will use Herbs and other Materials for the Spiritual, Ritual, Metaphysical, Theurgic Purpose, and others will be for Hygenic or Health purposes.

    We are also using Raw Herbs to create Incense Cones. We will soon also expand into Bath Bombs, and Spiritual Beeswax Products, as well as Tinctures. We will be opening a shop on Etsy and accepting Crypto Currencies. Pictures and updates will easily be found at @KaliVanKush on Instagram.

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    Default Re: Galen's Cold Cream and Punic Wax


    By May we will have a complete Inventory and will start looking for resellers and everything, and we will have an Etsy shop soon, we will accept Crypto.

    - - - Updated - - -

    We will have Candles soon, and Oils, then Punic Wax.

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    Default Re: Galen's Cold Cream and Punic Wax

    We now have over 1,000 bars of Soap and will be more than doubling it soon, and continuing on from there.

    We have been having to fight Texas for our COVID money, but we are about to be getting plenty to start everything up very soon. Plus we already have all this stock, and the materials to double it.

    We will be doing 3-4 things at once,

    1. Creating these pieces
    2. Creating a Blockchain
    3. Writing a Bibliotheca
    4. Tying it all together with and subdomains
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