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    Hi all. First time posting. Totally new to perfume making , just dabbling for my own interest and pleasure.
    I have a collection of essential and fragrance oils from my hobby of lotion making, and from reading basenotes thought it might be fun to experiment more with scents. My shipment of some of the more basic elements (ideas gleaned from the forum posts) arrived today. I was surprised that the calone was in powder form. Must pay more attention when ordering. I assume i need to get this in a more liquid form before playing with it. Do i use oil eg jojoba or fco; or perfumer,s alcohol? Suggested concentration? I have no idea if 10% or 0.1% is more useful. My scales can measure to .01 gm

    Many thanks in advance for any advice and guidance.

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    Do not use FCO or Jojoba, if you are making an alcoholic perfume. Also, dilution tends to be related to how strong / diluted your other materials are in comparison.
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