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    I want and advice for selling Eucalyptus esencial oil, im new in steam distillation but i have a 4.000kg destillator coupled with a 50hp steam boiler, im located in Venezuela, and you may know we are under a "control", uncapable of selling to other countrys, so i dont have reference of international price to know if the business is profitable, and more important i want to know if the oil could be sell easily, so i want any advice of anyone that buys and/or use eucalyptus oil, the international price and quantities.

    Thanks you very much.

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    Which eucalyptus?

    I don't have what prices a distiller would receive, but for example in the US, Eucalyptus globulus Certified Organic is available at 400 lb quantity at $50/kg. Non-organic, $30/kg at gallon quantity, 3.46 kg. The distiller would receive substantially less but I couldn't say how much less. Somewhere around half that perhaps? Maybe two-thirds at best?

    Radiata seems worth more. I am seeing organic at at $99/kg in gallon quantity.

    Citriodora non-organic I see at $32/kg in gallon quantity.

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    Eucalyptus essential oil is one of the cheapest priced products, best distilled from waste leaves, and in large quantity.
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    Thanks you for your reply.

    I have mainly citriodora, what kind of company do you think that use Eucalyptus oil, i mean i dont know to whom i can offer the oil. I made some batches and i can distil arround 20-30kg/day, i have also "Pinus Caribaea" available, and i think is more comercial than Eucaliptus, but the international prices are very low.

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    In the US at least, insect repellents, over-the-counter pharmaceuticals needing properties such as anti-microbial or wound treatment, cleaning agents, and air fresheners are probably the main users.

    Insect repellent use would apply only or mostly to citriodora, again at least in the US.

    As I have not researched it, I don't know which of the other uses citriodora would apply to. Some of them might be globulus only,

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