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    Red face Thierry Mugler Angel formulae?

    Hey there,

    I’ve been working on an Angel formula. I’ve come close to it but I’d like a formula to see how close I have come to it or one of them..
    I know there is no way for a copy of the real thing since it’s copyrighted.

    Ive been using dark patchouli, ethyl vanillin, chocolate, maltol crystals, sampaquita, hedione, helional, peach, pineapple, melonal, cassis, and dewfruit to name some of the items I’ve been using.
    I read that caspirene is used and I’m wondering what that is unless Im using it already and dont know it?

    Any kind of quasi formula would be very much appreciated.

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    Default Re: Thierry Mugler Angel formulae?

    Caspirene is a currant smelling AC diluted usually to 10% and not available anywhere it's like ribes mercaptan which is diluted to 1% and lasts 120 hours. I think that Caspirene would last 400 hours, however, the molecular info on them is pretty close so maybe it lasts more like 160 hours. There is a formula on TGSC that says it can be used up to .6% so it is much weaker. Probably just use a currant base and your nose!

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    Default Re: Thierry Mugler Angel formulae?

    wrong formula!!

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    Default Re: Thierry Mugler Angel formulae?

    I don't have a lot of intelligence regarding Angel, and the two sources that I do have seem to conflict...
    One source says that Isobutavan is likely between 30-50% of the whole formula.
    But neither source mentions any sulfuric bit...
    One of my talented apprentices has sent me his sketch formula, and they don't have any isobutavan or sulfuric note. And I have not tried to make something like it myself... Maybe with the lack of good intel, maybe I shouldn't have even opened my mouth...
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