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    Default Zara Emotions Perfume Collection

    Has anyone tried any of the new Zara emotions perfume collection, I know that Zara are well known for both bringing in new lines regularly (relaunch old ones too) and also selling a lot of designer and niche clones so would be interested to hear what the latest releases smell like (they are also offering them as candles which I can get behind at only £15.99 each if they smell good).

    They come in 90ml bottles and are priced at £25.99, the collection includes the following;-


    I actually like the bottle design and they are in blind-buy territory which is a good thing.

    UK Link:-

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    Default Re: Zara Emotions Perfume Collection

    Those are the ones in collaboration with Jo Malone, correct? Looks great and the travel spray includes is a nice touch. And yes, definitely blind buy territory, I might just „catch em all“

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