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    Default Lanvin Un Voile d'Arpege


    This is an unopened box with the original cellophane overwrap. There is some staining to the box but without opening the wrapper, the contents seem to be intact. You can hear liquid when you shake the box. The back of the box says "#802 175cm3 ENV"> There is a sticker on the back stating "This carton and contents must be exported intact from the United Kingdom".

    There is some cracking to the cellophane but it has not been removed.

    Is this collectable? Should I remove the cellophane and open the box to assess the condition of the contents? What is a fair value for this item?


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    Default Re: Lanvin Un Voile d'Arpege

    Arpege is an excellent and well known perfume. On ebay and the like, there is a lot of eau and of extrait, so one can check prices there. I believe Arpege Eau de Lanvin goes for anywhere from $25-$50. The extrait more. Not sure exactly what this is, but I assume that "voile" means something like light version for the body. My guess is that prices for this could be comparable as those for the eau, but less than for the extrait.

    Not sure whether opening the cellophane is useful here. Usually, it isn't, but in this case I don't know how the bottle is. Sometimes, the bottle itself can be pretty and thus add a bit to the value. But it's probably better to wait. It would also be good to understand how much liquid there is. If the box doesn't say, one should try to guess. The dimensions of the box could be helpful.


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    Default Re: Lanvin Un Voile d'Arpege

    Thank you.

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