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    Default Masculine violet accord

    I love the smell of violet (along with other florals), but whatever accord I try to make often ends up rather feminine.

    I don't overly mind powderiness, it's a quality I actually quite like. The problem is that as a guy it often pushes most of my scents far towards the feminine side. Most of the violet aroma chems I own are ionones, and I also have a violet absolute.

    I was wondering how you would go about pushing violet towards being more masculine feel (like the cliche of Fahrenheit). Are there any deeper aroma-chems out there with such a note, or do I just need to try making my usual overly feminine accord and just butch it up with leather and castorium? The few attempts I've made have ended up as overly busy messes. I feel like there is some secret key ingredient or combination that I'm missing.

    Any pointers?

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    Default Re: Masculine violet accord

    You could twist it more into violet leaf-area with Undecavertol, Liffarome and/or Methyl Octine Carbonate ( heavely restricted ). Apart from that build a masculine frame for your perfume rather than building a masculine violet accord.

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    Default Re: Masculine violet accord

    Through woodiness you can maybe achieve what you want; some of the more woody ionone materials that come to mind are Boisiris and Dihydro Ionone Beta. There are other methyl-type ionones that are less floral. And tobacco-iris modifiers like Palisandin and Koavone can help as well.'s comment regarding setting up a "Masculine Frame" is a good one—classically "feminine" materials can lose their gendered associations if simply placed in a novel frame of reference.

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    Default Re: Masculine violet accord


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    Default Re: Masculine violet accord

    Go for a "Violet Leaf" accord instead of Violet (flower). MOC/MHC+Beta Ionone and a touch of Methyl Ionone. Some Mandarin EO and Bergamot EO with Dihydromyrcenol would help if you want to achieve the Fahrenheit opening. Violettyne MIP is an excellent AC if you'd like to replace the heavily restricted MOC/MHC.

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    Default Re: Masculine violet accord

    I would definitely increase the dihydro-beta-ionone relative to the alpha and beta. You could also experiment with small amounts of dimethyl hydroquinone, which is an anisic-smelling compound present in natural violet and is an ionone enhancer. Undecavertol could be useful given that it has some violet flower character but also green and apple/pear elements that could be a bridge to more masculine fresh topnotes.

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    Default Re: Masculine violet accord

    add in some orivine - it's one of those (to me anyway) bland, dry aromas that I have little interest in, until you mix in some violet ionones, a lovely mix and moves the violet smell away from fluffy pink rainbows and more towards wood and earth.

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