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    Default Has anyone tried Obvious Perfumes yet?

    Luckyscent is carrying this new line:

    Obvious Parfums

    Founded by David Frossard, former Head of Exports for L'Artisan and founder of Differentes Latitudes and Liquides Perfume Bar, Obvious is a new luxury perfume brand that combines simplicity with elegance, and elegance with respect. They produce simply but luxuriously presented fragrances with straightforward concepts, packaged and formulated using sustainable and eco-friendly materials.

    Une Fleur d'Oranger is tempting me....

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    Default Re: Has anyone tried Obvious Perfumes yet?

    I own all seven from this house. Got them from France a while back. They are all very nice, understated fragrances with excellent performance on my skin. Un Bois is my favorite.
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    Default Re: Has anyone tried Obvious Perfumes yet?


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    Default Re: Has anyone tried Obvious Perfumes yet?

    I bought the sample set and tried all seven fragrances. I got medium performance on my skin with all the fragrances except for the patchouli, which is smooth and intense. Each fragrance is fairly simple in a good way. My guess is that the collection is meant to be layered.

    My favorites are Une Rose and Une Poivre. Une Rose is a rose fragrance for people not into rose. The rose is folded into sweet, creamy citrus and cardamon. The combination is almost gourmand, but it doesn't smell like other rose fragrances. Un Poivre is a semi-transparent dry, woody fragrance with black and pink pepper. It makes me think of something that CdG would release. Une Rose and Un Poivre are amazing when layered together.

    Une Fleur d'Oranger is a realistic orange blossom combined with neroli and a clean musk. It layers nicely with Un Bois and Une Vanille.
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    Default Re: Has anyone tried Obvious Perfumes yet?

    Today I'm giving Une Fleur d'Oranger a full wear from my sample. Very realistic orange with some zest for additional tartness. Impressive longevity for a citrus - going on about 4 hours thus far and still working well. Not overbearing at all, but still noticeable. Might have to get a full bottle of this for summer.

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    Default Re: Has anyone tried Obvious Perfumes yet?

    I haven’t but I really want to test their orange blossom scent! I had no idea there was a L’Artisan connection. Now, that discovery set is in my near future.

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    Default Re: Has anyone tried Obvious Perfumes yet?

    I recently received an email from Osswald NYC regarding an online event they are doing with Obvious Perfumes on 1 May. I’ve attended similar online events before from Osswald and Arielle Shoshana, and they have been really fun and interesting.

    Sharing here, as there appears to be some interest in this new line. The full email with links is below. I have no affiliation with Osswald except as a customer. Cheers!

    We invite you to
    a virtual masterclass featuring the fragrances of Obvious Parfums co-hosted by Nicolas Parat, founder of Kintessence NYC, the brand's exclusive US distributor! Sign up for this at-home session, taking place on Saturday, May 1st at 2:30pm ET/1:30pm CT/11:30am PT on Zoom (the private link will be sent to all attendees before the event). Osswald NYC's Josie and Nicolas will lead attendees through the Obvious Parfums fragrances, and answer questions in a Q&A session afterwards.

    Your $26 registration fee will include a discovery set of seven fragrances from Obvious Parfums, along with mini blotters. After the virtual masterclass, you will receive a personalized promo code to take $26 off your purchase of any Obvious Parfums fragrance on the Osswald NYC website (valid through 11:59pm ET on Wednesday, June 2nd, 2021). This would make an excellent early Mother's Day gift, hint-hint!

    Please note that this virtual masterclass will be recorded - if you can't watch live, don't worry! Sign up anyway, and watch the class later at your leisure.

    This event is for US and Canadian residents only (you MUST have a US/Canadian mailing address to join), and registration will end at 11:59pm ET on Thursday, April 22nd.

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