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    Default Lacoste L 12. 12. Black EDP

    Hey guys, so Lacoste has a new flanker of L 12. 12. Blanc,it's the EDP version and the note breakdown is completely different from the EDT, which has me super interested because I like the notes in the list. Has anyone tried it yet?

    Top Notes: Finger lime,*Shiso leaf
    *Heart Notes: Eucalyptus,*Cardamom,*Pine
    *Base Notes: Balsam fir,*Cedarwood

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    Default Re: Lacoste L 12. 12. Black EDP

    Sounds rather unique!
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    Default Re: Lacoste L 12. 12. Black EDP

    I need to get updated about Lacoste fragrances. After trying a huge number of them and just liking Lacoste original (green and white bottle), Booster and Ellegance, I somehow gave up on the brand’s perfumes. Find them very teenage-like smelling.
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