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    Default Powdery lavender scents

    I'm a big Old Spice fan and I recently layed out money for a cologne that was on my wishlist...1987s Night Spice. I ended up loving it. But it's discontinued and is getting increasingly harder to find with a reasonable price tag.

    To my nose, its very powdery and lavender. Just a little bit of spice. I'd say it's quite unisex. Very simple and unique. Are there any affordable fragrances out there that are basically powdery lavender?

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    Default Re: Powdery lavender scents

    I'm a huge fan of 1725 by Histoires De Parfums. I realize that's expensive, but, many people seem to think Deauville is similar to 1725. That could be an affordable option.
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    Default Re: Powdery lavender scents

    Caron Pour Un Homme de Caron would be an example. Guerlain Jicky and Heritage also come to mind. A little bit pricer but still affordable.
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    Default Re: Powdery lavender scents

    Definitely Caron Pour Un Homme.
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    Default Re: Powdery lavender scents

    Lavande by Fragonard
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    Default Re: Powdery lavender scents

    Lavender Extreme is a nice but incredibly outrageously priced fragrance that fills this need. Caron Pour un Homme or Jicky is what I'd suggest personally.

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    Default Re: Powdery lavender scents

    I find Beu de jour by tom ford to be an excellent lavender with a very slight powder edge. I have the one in the Brown square bottle.
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    Default Re: Powdery lavender scents

    Les Zazous (2010) by Keiko Mecheri
    Panama 1924 (1924) by Boellis
    Special for Gentlemen (1947) by Le Galion

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    Default Re: Powdery lavender scents

    Also adding Endymion EDC by Penhaligon's, Ungaro Man Silver and the Blue Beard's Revenge EDT
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    Default Re: Powdery lavender scents

    Serge Lutens' Gris Clair comes across as powdery to my nose. Beautiful lavender.
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    Default Re: Powdery lavender scents

    Ferrari Pure Lavendar is pretty cheap at the discounters, likely under $30....
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    Default Re: Powdery lavender scents

    Prada Luna Rossa

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    Default Re: Powdery lavender scents

    Oxford & Cambridge by Czech & Speake. So powdery, yet still masculine.

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