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    Default Where do you purchase Aventus in the UK?

    I was looking at noseparis but not sure if they're the cheapest, i was going to use origens parfums but their customs stuff seems really confusing, they're already charging tax at checkout but then telling us tax will be charged again with the carrier? That's double VAT which is just wrong...

    I think noseparis have their customs stuff sorted and it will just be the price (plus samples!) and they'll deal with everything else?

    Has anyone found any cheaper places than importing from France?

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    Default Re: Where do you purchase Aventus in the UK?

    There are a few discounters with good prices on Creeds. The most obvious places right now are All Beauty and Notino UK. There may well be others, but these are both reputable online retailers with good customer services and a returns policy.

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    Default Re: Where do you purchase Aventus in the UK?

    Nose for me. They have the customs thing sorted after Brexit.

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