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    Question Xerjoff Casamorati Mefisto Fake or Authentic?

    Hello everyone!

    I bought 100ml tester of Casamorati Mefisto from a local seller in Moldova, Chisinau(Eastern Europe country).

    It was the only Mefisto in stock I could find all over the country. One of the stores told me that one tester is only what they have left. So it was a FOMO buy.

    Batch code sticker got me concerned since it doesn't look the same as what I saw on testers in the store. The bottle and the smell seems to be identical. It is hard to measure longevity and silage without having both bottles at home.

    I wrote an email to Xerjoff and am waiting for their response as well.

    Thats what I bought:

    11920X print seems to be greased. Some of the letters are a little "floating". I would call it low quality print. Different words are printed if compared to store tester as well. Batch code color is the same same as other print.

    17618R is an example of what I was testing in the store. Separate colors are used. And print quality is much higher.


    What are your thoughts?

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    Default Re: Xerjoff Casamorati Mefisto Fake or Authentic?

    Welcome to the board!

    The sticker looks fishy. The way it's glued on the bottom, but let's say that there is a legit tester and not much attention is paid to tester anyways since they are not for sale.
    The font can be different from year to year. I don't see why they would do it, but it can happen. What should not be different is the bottle. You should have posted more photos with the bottle, the cap, interior of the cap. How is the little tube inside? Most fakes have a long tube inside, whereas the genuine bottles have a tube "cut" on the center of the bottle.

    If the seller had many Xerjoffs and you can buy one for 30-40 euros, then you got a fake indeed. I see tons of them, all labeled as testers, they go for cheap, but they are fake nevertheless.

    You can test it in store and see how it performs until you get home, then spray the one at home and see which lasts longer, the overall smell etc or you can ask the sale associate to fill you a sample just enough to be able to spray it two times when you are home and compare it or you can go to the shop and bring your bottle and test and ask the sales associates what they think about it

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    Default Re: Xerjoff Casamorati Mefisto Fake or Authentic?

    The movment of the sticker can happen so I wouldn't go by that. Trust your nose.
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    Default Re: Xerjoff Casamorati Mefisto Fake or Authentic?


    @hednic @PaveLL Thanks for your replies guys.

    Basically store associate told me that it is fake. She checked only sticker pic tho. And I couldn't understand if she really thinks its fake or she wants me to buy it from her next time. Bottle itself seems to be identical to a store tester to me(along with the cap). Longevity could be a bit different. But i guess the only proper way to test it would be spraying it at the same time. Which I didn't have a chance to do.

    Xerjoff customer service email representative said that it is authentic. He received the same pics I uploaded here. The tester price was about $80. I can see how this price is possible if tester itself is mad old. I bought a 4 y.o. boxed Creed from authorised reseller for 50% off retail price once.
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