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    Default Shave cream and Cologne matched


    For any one who tried Farzads Shave Cream and really liked the scent, i came across a frag that smells exactly like it.


    Its Called Sex and Cigarettes by Persons of Interest. Not sure if available in USA, but obtainable in Canada via Kent of Inglewood.


    Very comforting, rum, coconut, vanilla scent that is easy to wear.

    Hope this one helps anyone.

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    Default Re: Shave cream and Cologne matched

    Thank you for posting.

    So far, matched only the shaving creams in the more affordable price category like Denim Original, Proraso (also considering Tabac Original along similar lines) with corresponding fragrances available in EDT or above strength.

    But considering to further branch out and do so with both shaving products, mainly shave creams matching scents do already like by houses already being interested in like GFT, Penhaligon's, l'Occitane to name only a few.

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