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    Default Zaharoff Signature: Aroma Chemicals

    Zaharoff Sig is one of the few modern fragrances that you don't really see any mention of the ACs in note breakdowns and reviews. The naturals get all the hype, and deservedly so. This is an amazing and complex frag that I love, but I feel like the ACs are just as prominent and notable, yet I never see them mentioned, unlike so many other well loved modern frags. There are a couple I can pick out, especially at first spray (certainly there is a small amount of ethyl maltol - fortunately less than most these days).

    My question for those of you with better noses than I...What is the primary sharp note that enters strong and then just barely chills and sticks around? It's some version of an ambroxin isn't it? It's a very modern post 80's note that you don't find in older fragrances. It's a bit sharp and piercing but not necessarily in a bad way - depends on the individual. It's the note that brings a Savauge vibe. It's gotta be ambroxin, right? Have we just gotten to the point where we just assume ambroxin is a primary ingredient so no one talks about it now?

    I feel like I should be more confident in knowing what this is, but because no one ever seems to talk about it, I'm second guessing myself. Everyone talks about the naturals but this one note is dominant to my nose. I find it odd that it's not listed or talked about.

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    Wait...I got it! It's Cedramber, right?

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