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    Default Curionoir (new house?)

    Any local buzz about this?
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    Default Re: Curionoir (new house?)

    I just got a Curiosity Set from the brand from what I believe is their only retailer in the U.S. - Indigo Perfumery out of Cleveland, OH. I am loving the Purotu Rose - it is a dry woody rose with teak and cumin accents, very unique. Pablo is an excellent interpretation of Picasso from sniffing the bottle but I have yet to wear it on skin. 415 AD was recently reviewed by CaFleureBon here:

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    Trying Orpheus Incarnate today, a very nice spicy carnation. I wish I had more experience with carnation scents to compare it to but Persolaise talked about it at the 51 minute mark of this video:

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