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    Default Removing crimped atomiser

    Does anyone know of a way I can remove a 15mm crimped atomiser? Ive accidentally bottled and crimped 5 bottles of perfume that haven't been filtered. I don't care about saving or reusing the atomiser or indeed the bottle even, I just want to save the precious juice!

    The bottles are from pouch pac UK and I currently use a crimping tool to seel them from plush folly UK (highly recommended and a bargain at 75 compared to what else I've seen selling for 100s)

    Any advice appreciated, this happens to be a batch I made using my more precious and expensive materials ;(

    thank you in advance basenoters

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    Default Re: Removing crimped atomiser

    I was never successful in saving the crimped sprayer, but you can definitely save bottle and juice.
    Take pliers or scissors for metal sheets, and cut the metal and plastic stick halfway just above bottle neck.
    Then take pliers and twist down the cut part, which will tear the metal crimped around bottles neck and free it up.

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    Default Re: Removing crimped atomiser

    Pliers and diagonal cutters. Just wrestle the tops off.
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    Default Re: Removing crimped atomiser

    Thanks I'll give it a go

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