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    Default Halston Z-14 Made in Germany?

    I picked this up on Ebay last week -- Halston Z-14 after shave lotion made in Germany. From what I've read elsewhere, this is from the 1990s. I haven't read anything, however, that mentions Z-14 made in Germany. That's why I bought it. The fragrance is that of the Halston Fragrances version from the 1970s and 80s. I started wearing Z-14 in 1981. I used-up the last of two of those old bottles in the early 2000s and hadn't put my nose on it again until I picked up the modern lemon cleaner version at Marshalls. It's not bad, but it is more of a memory than a real Z-14 -- faded, lacking detail and life. So, I did some reading and discovered all the iterations of the scent since I was first gifted a bottle when I was a senior in high school. I now have a least one bottle of each of the Halston Fragrances, French Fragrances, and vintage EA Fragrances versions. Some people like the FF version the best. I find that it is a fine perfume, but it's not the original. Like the EA vintage, the FF version has a smokiness to it lacking in the original. When I tried the HF version after many years, I was filled with memories of the past. Strange how scent does that. I could see and feel the car I used to drive, the clothes I wore, and -- interestingly -- the woman I used to date at that time. Only the HF version does that for me, and this after shave from Germany does the same. The smell is far more earthy, like deep damp forest woods. It might be a bit less balanced than the FF version, but it's my favorite. I've posted photos below for those interested in the packaging of the German stuff. Note the cap is the old style and brown like the box color, not black. I believe my 1981 bottle also had a brown cap, but I'm not 100% on that. Enjoy these picks of what I think is an unusual find.

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    Default Re: Halston Z-14 Made in Germany?

    Awesome find, congrats!

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    Default Re: Halston Z-14 Made in Germany?

    Congratulations from me as well for this impressive purchase-the vintage version (s) of this incidentally being among the personal favorites

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    Default Re: Halston Z-14 Made in Germany?

    Sehr gut!
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    Default Re: Halston Z-14 Made in Germany?

    So this made me curious and on my first hunting expedition..... I found the exact same thing. I did not get the box just a bottle, but it happened to be full or if not barely used. I don't remember much except the price was quite reasonable, and I didn't notice the Germany part till later.

    I was going to take a picture also, but it is completely identical to yours so no point. I have not worn it a lot yet, although I did tonight..... but from what I remember I was pretty impressed with the longevity. Some after shave are a big step down but this one wasn't. Now I am wondering whether I have a bottle of the cologne from Germany or not..... maybe will try to take another look at that tomorrow.

    It's definitely got the "richer" thing going that the earliest versions had more of....
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