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    Default ungaro pour l'homme iii legitimate or not

    Hey I just got this from ebay I was astounded that it was the france made version instead of the depicted italy made one. But the box is different from all the others I've seen. This one has a slide out sleeve type box vs the ones I've seen where it's all connected and you open it from the top. As well as what it says on the box. Could be because it's the real france one vs the italy boxes could be different and this one is a 1 ouncer (30ml). Is it legitimate?

    I attached a photos to give ya an idea, poor quality but it's enough to see the difference.
    Ungaro pour l'homme iii pic 1.jpg

    ungaro poru lhomme comparison.jpg

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    Default Re: ungaro pour l'homme iii legitimate or not

    From the photos it looks OK to me.
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    Default Re: ungaro pour l'homme iii legitimate or not

    How does it smell?
    Rare, vintage, and niche off-site sales.
    Big list of niche splits.
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    Default Re: ungaro pour l'homme iii legitimate or not

    Likely a legit vintage design version, having had the experience with owning and using this fragrance in this particular version
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