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    Default Shipping perfumes from S.Korea to UK

    Hello everyone,

    I want to send a few (4-5) 30ml perfume bottles from S. Korea to the UK (a friend will purchase them and send them)
    I am trying to reasearch everywhere what's the best way to do it but some threads are either too old or not very helpful.

    Would anyone know what the best way to ship them would be without them getting confiscated?
    Local post office - Royal Mail / Couriers / Boat-surface shipping / any other option ???? Do you have similar experiences?

    I dont care about the cost I just need to figure out how.

    Thank you

    P.S. I already called a few couriers, but i didnt feel like I could trust their customer service ... their answer was, "I dont see perfumes in the prohebited item list, you can ship it as normal" but its contradictory to what I read online

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    Default Re: Shipping perfumes from S.Korea to UK

    There is no risk of getting incoming fragrances to the UK confiscated or destroyed. The issue lies with posting out from the UK.

    I think you should be OK going via Royal Mail. Forget about the specialist couriers... they are only of use when you need to post fragrances out of the UK. So long as your customs declaration form is accurate, you should be OK.

    The biggest risk to you/your sender is getting hit with a customs fee for import tax and/or VAT. These can be a bit steep given the processing fees couriers usually charge, but paying these is better than having any purchases confiscated/destroyed.

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    Default Re: Shipping perfumes from S.Korea to UK

    Some countries (e.g. the UK) scan outward-bound parcels, but others don't; I'm not sure what the situation is in S. Korea.

    I wouldn't be surprised if local courriers in S. Korea didn't want to ship perfume. If I were you I would just use the local post and be a little 'creative' when you describe the item on the customs form (e.g. 'cosmetics' or 'decorative glassware'). Note that if you use the big-name courriers your recipient is likely to get hit with customs fees at the other end, so ordinary slow post might be the best bet (not EMS).

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