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    Hi everyone I am completely new to this forum,
    I am Italian and I have always used food alcohol ("Buongusto", I think it is like Everclear) 95% as a solvent for fragrances. However, I know that this alcohol, being processed from plant material, can have substances that alter the final fragrance.
    In Italy I can't find denatured alcohol for perfumery, did someone knows some retailers (even European ones as long as they don't have too high shipping costs)?

    In addition, I have heard that even Everclear alcohol should be brought to 90-80% concentrations so it didn't dry the skin too much. Is it true?

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    It's possible for food grade 95% alcohol to be excellent for perfumery with residual odor from source material not even close to significance or undetectable. Smell yours and see rather than assume a problem.

    Leaving it at 95% is fine.

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    The main reason other than quality of using food alcohol is that in many countries, due to alcohol taxes, food alcohol can be much more expensive than the same alcohol that has been denatured. So everclear 95% is perfectly fine. 95% is more or less the most 'pure' that alcohol can get with normal distilling-- the other 5% is water, not plant material. There may be some amount of scent of the base left but it is likely something like .0001%. And while humans are very good at detecting small differences, it is still acceptable when you are adding 20% of very intense aroma material to cover that .0001%.

    If you someday wish to produce fragrance commercially in the EU, you may have to contend with regulations about the alcohol you use, but at that point you can build the import of alcohol into your budgeting. Until then, dont worry too much about it.

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    Thanks to both of you for the explanation.

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    I am italian and i use to work with that alcohol, buongusto! No residual odor at all. Don t worry, and enjoy your new hobby!

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