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    Default Have you gone back to an overkilled fragrance?

    There are quite a few fragrances once popular in the '90s and early '00s, which I once enjoyed, but over the years became so popular and worn out that I grew quite sick of them. Drakkar Noir, Cool Water, Joop Homme, and Eternity, in particular, were all favorites through my high school days, but by the time I was in college in the late 90s, I considered them passé. Then Le Male and Acqua de Gio were my favorites, but they became so popular that I eventually found them nauseating. Every obnoxious frat boy in every club during the early 00s smelled like they bathed in AdG. I moved on to D&G PH for awhile, and then Light Blue, and the same thing quickly happened, and to this day I still cannot stomach the smell of Light Blue. (To be fair, I never really grew tired of D&G PH, I just happened to move on.) But there are also a few that I really liked which weren't as wildly popular and played out; CD Dune was a big favorite in my late teens/early 20s, as was Armani Black Code, but I think I wore them all to death and grew sick of them.

    For whatever reason, the fragrances I've moved and rotated through from my mid-twenties up to now (43) I just never grew as 'sick' of, I just moved on from them, and in some cases (Creed GIT, Hugh Parsons Trad, various YSLs and Montblancs, etc) I picked up and still appreciate. (GIT has been my favorite for the last 15 years, which was when I first tried it.)

    Several years back I did buy a bottle of Cool Water and CK One, and while I enjoyed both at first, I really never wear them and find them maybe a little sophomoric, perhaps because of my own associations. But every now an then I consider picking up an old favorite again, partly for the nostalgia, and partly because I wonder how I will feel about the scent, and whether it's been long enough that maybe there's actually some novelty again.

    Has anyone else else felt this way about a particular fragrance that you've gone back to, and how did you feel about it the second time around?
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    Default Re: Have you gone back to an overkilled fragrance?

    Most I’ve returned to I’ve enjoyed just the same, a lot of them I judged too quickly or didn’t find them fitting in my wardrobe at the time. I am fond of versatile fragrances and have found they work the best for me and never really lose my interest and will always have a place in my wardrobe.
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    Default Re: Have you gone back to an overkilled fragrance?

    I typically don't like to rewear fragrances from my past. I like to keep the scent memories intact.

    I do have a few bottles that I've not finished and would sniff every now and then to keep the memory fresh.
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    Default Re: Have you gone back to an overkilled fragrance?

    I wore Curve daily for most of a 15 year stretch, up until I joined basenotes. I still wear it now and enjoy it a lot.

    I almost wore Curve today, actually, but I decided to go with Prada L'Homme instead (I'm debating a purchase of Boy Chanel, so I'm trying to see if Prada L'Homme fits that same sort of spot in my wardrobe even though it smells different... and... well... it doesn't. Good stuff though!).
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    Default Re: Have you gone back to an overkilled fragrance?

    When Armani (Black) Code was released it was everywhere. At first I liked it, but then I got tired even not having it. Than years passed and I got interested again. Best thing I made so far: let the fuss pass to buy it.
    I doubt this will happen with fragrances like Sauvage and Aventus though.
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    Default Re: Have you gone back to an overkilled fragrance?

    Quote Originally Posted by speckmann0706 View Post
    Most I’ve returned to I’ve enjoyed just the same
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    Default Re: Have you gone back to an overkilled fragrance?

    This happened to me with

    Tommy by Tommy Hilfiger
    Versace Blue Jeans
    Curve for Men by Liz Claiborne
    Davidoff Cool Water
    Armani Acqua di Giò pour Homme

    all back in my collection lol
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    Default Re: Have you gone back to an overkilled fragrance?

    Both Dior Homme and Dolce and Gabbana Pour Homme aged well for me. In college I wore them all the time, and recently revisited both and was impressed at how well they hold up even now that I know much more about fragrance.

    One I can never go back to is JPG Le Male. I remember the days of smelling it absolutely everywhere and today I can't stand it.

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    Default Re: Have you gone back to an overkilled fragrance?

    Yes, Drakkar Noir, except now I have the vintage original version in my wardrobe. Excellent juice.

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    Default Re: Have you gone back to an overkilled fragrance?

    Paloma Picasso Minotaure was my first major signature from 1992 and wore it till 2005 along with in between bottles of Dolce and Gabbana Pour Homme (1994) and JPG Le Male (1994 aftershave only, never the EDT)... First two have returned to the wardrobe as sentimental faves the past couple of years despite their present shell or reissued form and Le Male aftershave on occasion since the over twenty or so tins in the peak years... Noses may change over time but certain scents remain timeless to the psyche and olfactory.

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    Default Re: Have you gone back to an overkilled fragrance?

    One example would be Givenchy Pi, I do wear it from time to time.
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    Default Re: Have you gone back to an overkilled fragrance?

    Yes, but I never "grew out" of them-just gave them a lengthy break to explore further.

    That said, I was never into the AdG train, and still dislike it (no offense to its fans to be sure.) I just got into perfume much later, during 2008.

    I have not worn it as of late, but I always find Cool Water a beautiful scent to wear. My nose is never beyond wearing it, and its aroma chemicals that so many despise have never been off-putting to me. It was my first of many, and my grandmother bought it for me when I brought her shopping to a JCPenney (she left last year due to a much too late diagnosed cancer-even typing about it makes me sad.) I was testing their small selection, and CW was the one that wowed me the most, even during 2008. She was so nice and bought it for me. I am surprised I do not wear it as often nowadays. It is a really good, which only "con" may be its (past?) popularity-still, we should not care whether something is popular-or otherwise-but more whether we are enjoying wearing it.

    I was never a snob, I just disliked many modern scents back then. But I loved "discovering" Dreamer, A*Men, HM EdP (the man's version, though I still love Butterfly), Fleur du Male (I bought it before, and much preferred it over Le Male), Xeryus, Xeryus Rouge, LL au Masculin, Body Kouros, Jaipur Homme EdP, and so many others, without much online help. I feel discovering things ourselves is often more gratifying than relying on other people's recommendations. All of these perfumes I still love many years after, and am proud of wearing them whenever I do. Although many of these are "hated", to be honest... to my nose they beat so many modern commercial releases, and even many, many niche ones.

    Revisit your perfume journey, and enjoy!

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    Default Re: Have you gone back to an overkilled fragrance?

    Quote Originally Posted by The Cologne Cabinet View Post
    Yes, Drakkar Noir, except now I have the vintage original version in my wardrobe. Excellent juice.
    The oft heard comment about that is the generalized recollection that "everyone wore that," a sentiment that always seemed to be expressed pejoratively. DN was simply taking a classic scent that's been around for decades and repackaging it as something modern and it catching on among people who neither knew nor cared about its provenance. In that regard, DN "clones" aren't really DN clones - they're just different takes on the same classic standard. Otherwise it's like viewing bands playing You Really Got Me as covering a Van Halen song.

    I have lost count of the ones I have of that same type. Even when I wear a decidedly summer fragrance like Artisan Acqua, I can pick up whiffs of the same vibe on drydown. Taxi, Caesar's Man, Dakar, Rive Gauche, Lomani PH, Lomani Best, one of the Cubas (I forget which one), Cabaret, DDV, Fougere Royale - those are the ones I can think of off hand. I wear them all the time. Classic is classic.

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    Default Re: Have you gone back to an overkilled fragrance?

    Versace Pour Homme was quite "overworn" for some time in Croatia, but I returned to it because I really like it and it's a compliment getter.
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    Default Re: Have you gone back to an overkilled fragrance?

    Not really. If i stop to wear them and don't keep them then it's as there's something wrong with them. Maybe something I rejected early on could be a potential candidate but so far I haven't encountered it.

    Also didn't wear fragrances as a kid, so there's only so much nostalgia (spread out over many bottles, all acquired fairly recently). If I go down the nostalgia route then usually with music.

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    Default Re: Have you gone back to an overkilled fragrance?

    No, have enough stocked up of the old stuff I love!
    My Top '12':

    - Paco Rabanne: Pour Homme (vtg)
    - Guerlain: Héritage (vtg)
    - Mancera: Red Tobacco/Aoud Vanille
    - Armani: AdG Profumo
    - Azzaro: Pour Homme (vtg)
    - Antaeus (vtg)
    - Thierry Mugler: A*men
    - Initio: Side Effect
    - D&G: Pour Homme (vtg)
    - YSL: Kouros (vtg)
    - Vermeil: Pour Homme

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    Default Re: Have you gone back to an overkilled fragrance?

    Ralph Lauren Polo. Loved it back in the ‘80s when everyone’s uncle and his dog seemed to have showered themselves with it. Still enjoying the juice today & have 2 bottles of the Cosmair/Warner vintage.

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    Default Re: Have you gone back to an overkilled fragrance?

    Well I'd never say never, but it's mostly the opposite with me in that I burned myself out on a lot scents in the 80s and 90s.

    I beat OBSESSION, ETERNITY, POLO, GREY FLANNEL and L'EAU D'ISSEY POUR HOMME into the ground and a couple of them cause near revulsion with me now. I have dabbled a little with ISSEY lately but it's not the same for me. I wore that for about ten years.
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    Default Re: Have you gone back to an overkilled fragrance?

    Le male
    Joop homme
    Cool water
    Issey miyake
    Boss bottled

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    Default Re: Have you gone back to an overkilled fragrance?

    Had to add that I have a habit of restocking "all" (most in the case of some discontinued ones I do not want to overpay for at EBay) my personal history of perfumes, so I never really "moved on" from any, but rather haven't worn some older ones in years. I like to make sure I like or love a fragrance before I get it, though I have several blind buys as well. Never have sold, traded, or gotten rid of any bottle.

    Have like a drop of M7, and two real Dior Homme bottles (as opposed to Mr. Demachy's fake impersonation) that do not have much in them-I sadly cannot restock unless I get ripped off at EBay. I shall treasure what is left, though would re-buy if there was a reasonable way to doing so.

    (Of course none of those two were super popular like AdG, Le Male, and others.)
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    Default Re: Have you gone back to an overkilled fragrance?

    Not just on one but often falling in and out of love back and forth in the case of various fragrances.
    Both among the ones almost or actually bought at some point only due to peer pressure towards their hype and then discovered over time to actually like them (CK One Shock for instance but also various other designer scents by Boss, Kenzo, Versace etc.).
    But also the ones like for instance Guerlain Heritage-likely not as hyped, as enjoying a solid reputation- had to go back on many times and repeatedly test again and again before finally discovering and enjoying it to the fullest.
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