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    Default Cotswold School of Perfumery

    So I was reading up on the perfumery school and thinking about booking myself onto the perfumery course, was wondering if anyone else has completed the course? Is it worth the money? Thanks!

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    Default Re: Cotswold School of Perfumery

    £995 for a mere three days of training not only sounds extremely expensive to me, but quite delusionally pointless. There is no way you will learn perfumery in three days, nor in four days total including the one day starter course. You will probably spend that time to learn ABOUT perfumery but not much how to actually create perfumes which is a lengthy learning curve. You will learn more from a book about perfumery, or from Youtube videos.... but of course, for entertainment the one day course can be fun for a lay person.

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    Default Re: Cotswold School of Perfumery

    I see. Thanks for the reply!

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    Default Re: Cotswold School of Perfumery

    I've heard from people who have been on the course that it's excellent with an extremely knowledgeable tutor with great industry experience. I looked at the course years ago but geographically it's a pain for me or I would have done it as it seems orientated towards actual learning rather than a hen night mixing session. I think that if you've been at it for a while then being able to converse with a pro would be worth every penny.

    As for youtube, there is a lot of absolute nonsense on perfumery for you to watch but not so much learn from.

    This forum and practice is an excellent resource.

    I bought the plush folly online course, it covers everything you need to know to make and sell commercial perfumes - in many ways you can read the pdf in a few hours and know everything you need to know except for that arty/sciencey bit of making a nice smelling stable perfume (which isn't exactly something that can be taught !). Then there are the books (curtis, poucher and so on) where you can learn how to recreate flowers or see what proportions of common aromachems work well together. I also find that using GCMS data has been useful in seeing how others do it (I spent £99 on a GCMS formula book from perfumers world - you get £99 worth of formula that smell reasonably close to what it should do but is by no means the production formula - I would say it's a reasonably effective and cheap way to use your materials with minimal wastage), there are websites that have loads of data on naturals you can use also. I also found Jamie Fraters patreon had some amazing formula - again great to learn from. And most recently I subscribed to Sarah mccartneys patreon as a way of being able to get some face time with an experienced person in industry and to broaden my horizons.

    With hindsight I can safely say that even with limited resources online or training you can learn enough to produce and sell a perfume in a very short period of time. Courses will help with confidence and iron out those what-ifs and so will speaking to people here. There is no quick fix to success, just mix and learn and things will fall in place.

    Short version - never done the course, but feedback from people who know the guy is extremely positive.

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    Default Re: Cotswold School of Perfumery

    I agree that YT is a horrible resource for learning, aside from BKkorn and Same Macer’s channels, which have great info for beginners, there really isn’t much out there. I’ve tried searching for any and every interview of perfumers and sometimes they’ll drop a few gems but not much and/or enough to learn from.

    I’ve learned a lot from this forum, especially if one were to go back through the many threads. There are a lot of subtle bits and pieces of quality information scattered throughout this forum from PK, Ruskin, Bartlett and many others.

    I do agree that the course is quite pricey, but as aberdeen says, one would assume to have someone who “knows” right in front of you, it could be absolutely worthwhile. Though, through lots of research and CORRECT practicing you can make some very nice fragrances. Only thing that is difficult with self practice is there isn’t a better perfumer than you in the same room to tell you what’s good and not so good, and why so.
    I find myself being my own worst critic, which can be good, or bad lol. My fiance barely even likes fragrances, on top of being extremely picky, it isn’t helpful at all to hear “oh that’s nice” or “I don’t like it”. At that point, I may as well show her nothing, which puts me back to being my worst critic. Sad face.

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    Default Re: Cotswold School of Perfumery

    I actually thought about paying for the plushfolly course but bought it’d be poo since it’s so cheap lol I may give it a go!
    Thanks for the info

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