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    Default Re: Your top 5 "must haves"

    Mugler Cologne
    LV Sun Song
    Valentino Uomo Intense
    Tuscan Leather

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    Default Re: Your top 5 "must haves"

    Eau Sauvage
    Rive Gauche
    Ungaro II

    but also Shalimar, Sycomore...
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    Default Re: Your top 5 "must haves"

    Polo Green
    Rive Gauche
    Mugler Cologne
    Dior Homme Cologne
    Azzaro Pour Homme

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    Default Re: Your top 5 "must haves"

    My 5 favorites:

    1. Dior Homme Parfum
    2. Fahrenheit (vintage)
    3. Musc Ravageur
    4. Tobacco Vanille
    5. Ambre Narguile

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    Default Re: Your top 5 "must haves"

    Tf Beau de jour
    1725 Hdp
    Costume national soul

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    Default Re: Your top 5 "must haves"

    Dunhill Blend 30
    Paco Rabanne pour Homme
    Azzaro pour Homme
    Dunhill for Men
    ointments and perfume delight the heart....


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    Default Re: Your top 5 "must haves"

    Roja // Great Britain
    Fragrance Du Bois // Sahraa Oud
    Dior // Homme Parfum
    Roja // Amber Extrait
    Tom Ford // Plum Japonais

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    Default Re: Your top 5 "must haves"

    Azzaro Chrome
    Dali Laguna
    Sung Homme
    Boss Elements
    Villoresi Vetiver.


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    Default Re: Your top 5 "must haves"

    I don't know about must have, but to me here's five must try based on years and years of fraghead popularity

    AZZARO POUR HOMME - Classic fougere, manly, enduring and crazy reasonable.
    CREED GREEN IRISH TWEED - Modern, fresh fougere. Incredible versatility and popularity has endured for years...which is not a mistake.
    DIOR HOMME (Original) - Set a new direction.
    GUERLAIN VETIVER - You're a Basenoter now...just buy it. It's never "wrong" on anybody. Ever. Probably 80% of us judge any vetiver against this. Find out why.
    CHANEL EGOISTE - Ahead of its time and still a killer scent.

    "It's an acquired taste" must try:

    YSL KOUROS - Just so you know what the arguments are all about.
    GUERLAIN HABIT ROUGE - A classic, but not for everybody.
    CARON POUR UN HOMME - Older than dirt but still relevant. Reasonable and incredibly pleasant.
    A*MEN - The ground breaking gourmand which spawned 5,000 flankers.
    MONTALE BLACK AOUD - One of the first, if not the first, rose/oud combos. There are now 75,000 rose/oud combos.
    Between Covid and retirement I don't get out much. But when I do, I smell real good.

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    Default Re: Your top 5 "must haves"

    Quote Originally Posted by AdamE View Post
    I appreciate all the suggestions. There are a few repeats, so that's probably where I'll start.

    Anyone know where to get a sample of Green Irish Tweed??
    My suggestion is start with a small (5ml -10ml) decant so you can wear it a few times (personal bias note: I f-ing hate the typical 1ml sample vials). There are tons of decant sellers online like SURRENDER TO CHANCE, THE PERFUMEDCOURT and FRAGRANCESLINE. Plus, many reputable people in the sales or splits section sell them as well.

    With a small decant, you get a few wearings to decide if full bottle purchase is warranted and you haven't laid out a bunch of cash. Yes, it's more per ml, but you can get 6ml of GIT for appx $22 or so. That's probably 4-5 wearings.
    Between Covid and retirement I don't get out much. But when I do, I smell real good.

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