Hi there,

I just purchased 2 bell jars during the promotion and received my purchase. I was checking the batch code on Sarrasins as Iíd heard there are some changes to Regulations on Jasmine (batch code from 2018 thank you very much), but I curiously checked my Rousse as well and was shocked to see an older style batch code. There was also a little booklet on top that I havenít seen in any of my bell jars (most of which Iíve purchased in the last year.

Is the code in fact older, or have SL changed the system again? Iím not hung up on the batch code for any reason except I am trying to find a formulation that resembled my decant from circa 2015 and the Rouse formula changed a lot from its original release in 2007 due to changes in regulations on cinnamon. Thanks!