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    Default Up to 19% OFF at Parfums DUSITA

    5th Anniversary promotion. Valid until 17th May 2021.

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    Default Re: Up to 19% OFF at Parfums DUSITA

    Thank you. Passed it on.
    Remember that while it is perfectly acceptable to criticize the content of a post - criticizing the poster is not.
    Mean spirited, nasty, snide, sarcastic, hateful, and rude individuals on Basenotes don't warrant or deserve my or other Basenoters' acknowledgement or respect.

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    Default Re: Up to 19% OFF at Parfums DUSITA

    I received this notification from Pissara , Dusita perfumes.

    Following your wonderful response to our 5-year anniversary offer that proposed all Parfums Dusita Eaux de Parfum at the special prices of 150€/50ml and 220€/100ml bottle, and considering the hard times many of us are going through, I wanted to explore the possibility of maintaining these lower prices on a more permanent basis.

    After intensive discussions and negotiations with our raw material providers, bottling factory and distributors, I am happy to announce that from now on Parfums Dusita will be able to offer you all their Eaux de Parfum at the prices indicated above! (For the time being at least, the prices of our Extraits de Parfum will remain as before).

    We are extremely happy and proud that our clientele is steadily growing, and that many of our customers make repeated purchases – both reflecting on our sales in a year that has been extremely difficult for most.
    We feel that the new, lower Eaux de Parfum prices will be more attractive to existing customers, as well as more accessible to potential future ones. It is our way of saying “thank you” for this amazing 5-year journey, and your unfailing love and support.

    Also, I would like to point out Dusita's sampling .

    10+1 samples for 59 Euros along with a 40 euros voucher .

    3 x 2.5 ml. Extraits de Parfums:
    - Issara
    - Mélodie de l'Amour
    - Oudh Infini

    7 x 2.5 ml. Eaux de Parfums:
    - Le Sillage Blanc
    - La Douceur de Siam
    - Erawan
    - Fleur de Lalita
    - Splendiris
    - Le Pavillon d'Or
    One sample of Moonlight in Chiangmai OR Cavatina can be chosen to be included outside the box.
    Promotion: 40€ voucher

    This is all very nice of her.
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