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    Default Man perfumes similar to AXE Bergamot & Pink Pepper

    Good evening. I am looking for man perfumes similar to AXE Bergamot and Pink Pepper deodorant. I am talking especially about the strongly perceptible pink pepper. Thank you in advance.

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    Default Re: Man perfumes similar to AXE Bergamot & Pink Pepper

    Perhaps Catch Me If You Can by Nino Amaddeo
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    Default Re: Man perfumes similar to AXE Bergamot & Pink Pepper

    Among the ones pricier than Axe, although two of these are still in the affordable category and only one niche, though even this priced closer to a designer:
    maybe l'Erbolario Ginepro Nero, Yardley Citrus & Wood and Opus 1870 among the full quality while also realistically priced exclusives

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    Default Re: Man perfumes similar to AXE Bergamot & Pink Pepper


    Creed - Selection Verte......if you can still find it.

    ...and come to think of it, the recent release of Creed's Viking Cologne has some descriptions and a note breakdown that fairly match your requested genre.
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