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    Default NEW! Pekji "Reset" collection (4 upcoming perfumes)

    Today I received in the mail samples of Pekji's soon-to-be released perfumes in a collection he is calling "Reset." Right now, I have all four of them on different parts of arms and have been smelling them for about 15 minutes. I'm also going to share the note lists he provided as they do actually describe them pretty well.

    BLACKLIGHT - Notes: Aldehydes, Black Pepper, Coriander, Iris, Leather, Licorice, Smoke. This goes on sharp, bitter and intense with a blast of camphorous greenness. The licorice isn't very sweet. It's not like the licorice we have here in the US. It's more like the really intense bitter licorice that the Danes eat. It seems very masculine to me and best suited for a man who wants to make his presence known!

    FLESH - Notes: Ambrette, Apricot, Civet, Iris, Musks, Osmanthus, Paint, Sandalwood, Vanilla. The iris is very apparent here along with some waxy florals that I think contribute to the accord he's calling "paint." It does indeed smell quite a bit like wet house paint once you've put it on the walls (as opposed to something like oil paint an artist would use). It also has something of a Play-Doh smell. I don't really get the name for this one as matching the smell. I thought it would smell more animalic given the ambrette, civit and musks listed as notes but I'm really not getting that.

    YES, PLEASE - Notes: Grapefruit, Iris, Frankincense, Pear, Pink, Rose, Sichuan Pepper, Vanilla. This is pleasantly fresh smelling, like perfumed grapefruit and pears. "Pink" is listed as a separate note. At first I though the note was supposed to be Pink Rose, but he does put a comma between those words and it does somehow smell pink. He seems to be playing with idea of color/smell synesthesia with this collection. This is definitely the one of the four that I think is most likely to please the most people.

    PURPL - Notes: Carnation, Grape Skin, Iris, Moss, Musk, Strawberry, Strobes, Sweat, Vinyl. First of all, I didn't leave off the "e" in purple. It's not in the name. It does indeed smell very purple. It actually smells like a grape soda perfume. After that initial grape soda blast, it does begin to humanize a bit as the musk and "sweat" notes/accords start to be detectable.

    In addition to the above mentioned color/smell synesthesia, the exploration of very different uses of iris also unifies the collection. I'll continue to play around with these for a while and will look forward to hearing what others think of them when they are released. I don't know when that date will be or when they may arrive at Lucky Scent. I had written to Pekji a long time ago asking if anything new was in the works so they were kind enough to email me when they had these sample sets and sell me one early. ($30)

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    Default Re: NEW! Pekji "Reset" collection (4 upcoming perfumes)

    Thanks for this wonderful update I'm so exited!

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    Default Re: NEW! Pekji "Reset" collection (4 upcoming perfumes)

    I'm not sure what to make of them - they seem familiar, yet still avant garde. They definitely smell far removed from the others in the Pekji line.
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    Default Re: NEW! Pekji "Reset" collection (4 upcoming perfumes)

    I received my sample set today as well and have found every one of them very very challenging. Wore Blacklight today and It’s a complete odd ball, I smell very very sour salmiakki licorice coupled with some cilantro and a sort of dirty gasoline/vetiver underbelly

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