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    Default finally, a realistic tobacco accord

    Tobacco is a note that beguiles perfumers. The real thing smells so good, but perfumer's attempts to try to capture this note always leave a lot wanting.

    I set out to try to create a much more realistic tobacco accord, something that would capture the desirable aspect of tobacco. Not smell "reminiscent of tobacco", but smell like the truly good part of the smell of tobacco. I did a lot of research, and with the help of some chemical background, smelling tobacco in all its different forms and carefully observing trying to parse out the notes, I think I have been able to put together something that comes close to equaling it.

    This isn't trying to capture the typical "smoking pipe tobacco" that is typical of most standard perfume accords, but is trying to capture the essence of "tobacco" by itself.

    Bear in mind this doesn't come out smelling quite like tobacco, but I believe comes close to capturing all the good aspects. What follows below is a very unconventional approach.

    medium amount of ketoisophorone (adds an almost aquatic sweet black tea, sun tea note)
    much smaller amount of Apritone (this is a very important one. Although it may be hard for most to perceive, I believe the note of apricot has a strong parallel to that of tobacco)
    small amount of saffron accord
    very small amount of Trimofix-O (optional, mostly adds an olfactory effect more than a distinct smell)
    tiny hint of beta-damascone
    tiny hint of Orspirane (theaspirane) (not absolutely necessary, but adds a more complex woody camphorous note)
    tiny hint of violet accord
    tiny hint of rhubarb accord (maybe Rhubofix)
    tiny hint of spearmint EO

    Maybe some of the more experienced perfumers can try this and give their feedback.
    The ratios are probably going to need some tweaking.

    The above does not include the "diesel fuel" note in burning tobacco, which I feel could also be important. If you wanted to add that, you can do more research in this forum.

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    Default Re: finally, a realistic tobacco accord

    The only issues that I can foresee here is that it might be kind of "thin" for a tobacco accord, and I really don't see anything that will make it last very well. Might be a fine topnote, though.
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    Default Re: finally, a realistic tobacco accord

    Quote Originally Posted by pkiler View Post
    The only issues that I can foresee here is that it might be kind of "thin" for a tobacco accord, and I really don't see anything that will make it last very well. Might be a fine topnote, though.
    I think your criticism on that point offers excellent insight, and reveals your years of experience.

    Yeah, trying to substitute other molecules to represent the profile of tobacco is going to lead to it being less of a base note.

    I don't think it will be too bad though. Several of these on the list are more of a mid note.

    Anyway, I wasn't really trying to capture smoking tobacco in its entirety, just the desirable aspect of it. Or at least come to a close approximation of it.

    I also think fixatives like Trimofix-O will help extend some of the notes that are not quite base notes.

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    Default Re: finally, a realistic tobacco accord

    Oh I forget, maybe some phenylacetaldehyde for the honey-like aspects.

    Benzyl acetone (another one with a similar molecular structure) might be useful if trying to recreate the smell of tobacco flowers.

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    Default Re: finally, a realistic tobacco accord

    by the way, discussion in other topic about rose i posted note about ethyl safranate ( Givaudan)- it can be useful for tabac accord too. Subtle and rich, diffuse aroma with spicy notes, apple and floral nuances

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    Default Re: finally, a realistic tobacco accord

    apart from the woody aspect, i like "sweet" tobacco pipe scent, so, i think a little bit of a.damascone/eth.safranate , plus a little bit of mild coumarinic (gamma hexalattone/octahydrocoumarin,etc) can help this nuance....and a micro-touch of fruity ionones, certainly

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    Default Re: finally, a realistic tobacco accord

    some more thoughts

    For Cuban tobacco, add some linalyl acetate and just a tiny bit of linalool.
    use very little Tabacarol (spicy dry amber cedar amber wood). some Tabanone (precious tropical nutty darker wood), but still not too much.
    I think Cuban tobacco will have a lower ratio of Tabacarol to Tabanone than other tobaccos, because it is more mild and smooth.
    Cuban tobacco will probably also have a little bit higher of a ratio of saffron (or safranal) to beta-damascone. It's not strongly honey either, though there might be a tiny hint.

    any spearmint (or S-carvone) should be kept to an absolute minimum. (I think it may be better to use S-carvone than spearmint EO in this situation since the Cuban is less sharp herbal; and I'm not saying either has to be used).

    The Apricot (apritone) aspect is not strong either.

    I might be totally wrong here but maybe a little Orivone would make a great addition. I'm totally smelling that note (the orange color smell, the raspberry nuances, even the sharp plasticky nail polish smell. The "orange color" is almost sort of in something similar to an "apricot" direction but much more mild, transparent, and smoother; though I'm not saying Orivone smells smooth in the totality of its smell)

    A little coumarin of course, but that is not strong in Cuban tobacco either.
    I think the only thing that will be higher is the saffron aspect, and the addition of linalyl acetate. The "black tea" aspect in Cuban tobacco will not be lower.

    maybe Cashmeran for a little bit of saltiness, while still being sure to use much more Trimofix-O than Cashmeran. This is optional, only if a more musk-amber is desired.

    maybe even the tiniest bit of strawberry furanone

    I'm smelling burning Cuban tobacco right now and trying to parse apart all the different notes and unique subtleties in it.
    Sort of just thinking out loud.

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    Default Re: finally, a realistic tobacco accord

    Can you please give us a sense of the extent to which you have tested out any of these interesting ideas? It's relatively ambiguous how much empirical backing there is for each of the ideas in this thread, and it would be good to hear how they actually smell. I am asking because I'm interested in tobacco, but I don't want to order materials I don't have on the basis of pure speculation.

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    Default Re: finally, a realistic tobacco accord

    I think Symroxane would be marginally better than Cashmeran, while they are very similar, to me Symroxane has a less 'wet concrete mix' smell and leans more dry fruity, apricot spicy woody tobacco aspect. You could also use both together. The downside of Symroxane is it's less aromatic and will require double the usage of Cashmeran at least.

    Also, Theaspirane is an incredible ac, I'm beginning to appreciate its dynamism which lends 'fresh herbal tobacco' when paired with Symroxane and something like Cedarmoss, which lends a very tobacco like 'seaweed' 'moss' aspect. And are you aware of Strawberriff? I think it would lend well in a tobacco smoke accord, similar to Strawberry Furanone but more of a burnt effect, even more potent to my nose.

    Not trying to bug but why do you need a Tobacco accord? Tobacco absolute is still viable and very tenacious.

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