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Thread: Nishane ege?

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    Default Nishane ege?

    Just wondering if anyone has had experience with this scent. The reason I'm asking is that over the years I've been desperately searching for something similar to Aramis Surface which is insanely expensive on ebay. Some reviews have said it's similar but I'm curious if anyone has tried or owns this and what they think of it.

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    Would also like to hear about experiences with this one. Looks like it might be too sweet for me however.

    (FWIW, I love the "non-crowd pleasing" options in the Nishane line, namely Boszporusz and Unutamam. Well, Wulong Cha is great too although more conventional.)
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    High quality clone of Bvlgari Aqua Marine. Quite lovely, but... you know, not for the price.
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    Default Re: Nishane ege?

    Can't speak to any comparison, but thought the Nishane was just OK nothing special.
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