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    Default Hermitage EO is open for orders... with a substantial price hike

    Hermitage has been intermittently closed while fulfilling orders this year, I had been trying to place another order for months and they finally opened back up yesterday. Nearly everything that was in my cart had a substantial price increase of about 10-25%, I can't compare with previous prices on those things that were neither in my cart or I have not purchased in the past but it seems like it's the same across the board. The previous order total (when their ordering was disabled) was ~950, and today's was ~1105.

    Prices go up, but I guess in other equally surprising news, the sky is blue.
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    Default Re: Hermitage EO is open for orders... with a substantial price hike

    Just conversationally, one thing that inherently I think is very tough about the aromamaterials retail business as well as the small scale perfume business is that the price you have to pay yourself varies so extremely drastically according to the volume you can buy.

    Now of course Hermitage doesn't deal in materials as low cost as this so the example is going to be more extreme than true for them but as an example, let's say you have a small scale perfume business and you need Ethyl Lactate.

    Creating Perfume sells it. I don't think their pricing is unreasonable. 120 mL, $18. That's roughly $150/kg.

    Let's say you yourself are Creating Perfume and you want to buy 1 kilo as it's not a popular item (I don't know.)

    You'll pay $128. (So they probably bought more than 1 kg, as $150/kg retail would probably be an unsustainably low markup from $128/kg.)

    Let's say you need 50 kg.

    You'll pay $14/kg.

    250 kg? Then only 8 dollars a kg.

    A world of difference.

    Again it wouldn't be as drastic a multiple with essential oils and absolutes, but for example I found 5 kg of Lemongrass Oil Guatemalan to cost scarcely any more than 3 kg. At 1 kg, the per kg price was quite bad, not that much less than the cost of 3 kg.

    So if one has a contraction in business it could become a vicious cycle. If you can now only buy 1 kg of a product instead of five, or 5 instead of 10, you are going to have to charge considerably more and even then you may not cover your cost increase.

    I'm not saying that happened, but it all too easily could happen.

    I'm sorry to hear about your cost increase. That's an unpleasant and costly surprise indeed. I was not trying to minimize it.

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