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    Default Industrial fragances, aprentice kit


    Im a aprentice for making fragances, i have been arround the forum and its mostly focused on perfums, but i want to make simple-standard industrial fragances for cleaning products, i have been buying and asking for samples mostly on Vigon, but so far ordered like 10+ samples and olny a few are suitable or has a scent of household cleaning products, so im stuck and it takes arround 45days for a sample to come to my country from USA, so its very frustating and time consuming.

    So i appreciate if someone can suggest me an aprentice kit or maybe guide me where to buy and/or learn about cleaning fragances composition to start.

    So far im making a Cherry fragance for Floor cleaning product composed of 50%benzaldehyde, iso amyl acetate, ethyl-vainillin and its very cheap and has a good strong cherry/almond

    Im trying to make a citrus fragance for dish soap, with B-pinene, and orange oil (destilled by myself), but the smeel isnt strong.

    Right now i have:

    ethyl vainillin
    lavender oil
    Eucalyptus cytriodora oil
    Orange oil
    Beznyl acetate
    benzyl salicylate
    benzyl benzoate
    Linaily acetate
    iso amil acetate
    alpha pinene
    beta pinene

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    Default Re: Industrial fragances, aprentice kit

    Try Citral & Limonene aroma chemicals they are extremely strong.

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    Default Re: Industrial fragances, aprentice kit

    Lemon myrtle oil has a strong (citral) citrus odour.

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    Default Re: Industrial fragances, aprentice kit

    Litsea Cubeba (May Chang) EO is also very potent and has a lovely candied-lemon citrus like odour profile.

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