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    Default Clearing Out A Few - TRNP, Fazzolari, Floris, Tom Ford, D&Z, Ramnarain Vintage Sandalwood Oil, Etc.

    Hey folks!

    Time for another housecleaning. These are all scents that I either don't care for, or just don't wear much anymore. I have done my best to show the levels on each bottle, but if you need any additional shots, please let me know and I'm happy to accommodate as my schedule allows. Any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

    Photos are all here:

    Hopefully the photos are easy enough to find, but I apologize for the all-in-one approach.

    I usually ship out on Tuesdays and Saturdays, but can sometimes ship earlier. Shipping costs are included on all these via USPS First Class Mail.

    I accept Venmo or PayPal F&F

    • Art of Shaving - Vetiver Citron Cologne Intense (30ml) - Worn once ($15)
    • Dixit & Zak - Rising Mysore 3 (100ml) - Worn ~4 times SOLD
    • Ensar Oud - Tibetan Musk Pure Parfum (Strifeknot split - 3ml) - Worn once SOLD
    • Fazzolari - Five (30ml) - Worn twice (6 sprays) ($75)
    • Floris - Fragrance Journals 1962 (100ml) - Worn 20+ times (see pics for level) - This is a tester with no cap and a plain white box SOLD
    • Tauer - l'air du Desert Marocain (50ml) - Worn a dozen times (see bottle for level) SOLD
    • Tom Ford - Plum Japonais (Split - 15ml) ($25)
    • TRNP - Mekong (10ml pencil) - see pics for level ($50)
    • TRNP - Antarctica (30ml) - Worn 2x (6 sprays) ($90)
    • M.L. Ramnarain - Vintage Sandalwood Oil (15-20ml) - Sealed aluminum bottle ($110) - One remaining. One PENDING.

    A note on the sandalwood oil: This oil is a bit of a mystery. It was sold to me (I got several bottles) as "having been in storage for 19 years". I actually have no idea how old it is, but the foil and cork top (you'll need a corkscrew and a filter for any sediment) indicates it is at least plausible the age is accurate. And I did contact and get confirmation that the oil is a product of M.L. Ramnarain. For those familiar, you know this is a well-known Indian distiller. They confirmed it is their product, but could not confirm the year of production.

    The oil is most certainly real sandalwood (I own and enjoy many different sandal oils) and I have been using it pretty frequently. It isn't my favorite profile, but if you like the woodier, varnish, ozonic type then you may like this one.

    If you'd like photos of the oil out of the bottle, I am happy to show that as well as I've decanted a full bottle into usable 1.8ml increments for personal use. The reason I've listed it as 15-20ml is that I filled 10 of those same 1.8ml bottles with one of them. There was some residual oil in the bottle that I used. So it probably IS 20ml, and certainly more than 15ml, but I cannot say for sure it is *exactly* 20ml.

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